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Highway # 1: Dream Road

One of the most beautiful coastal roads in the world is the connection between southern California and the north of the country. The legendary Highway # 1 offers a range of outstanding natural beauty - and some of the most beautiful small towns in the entire United States. The heart of the No. 1 is the approximately 650 km long section between San Francisco in the north and Los Angeles in the south. Here the road offers almost everything that one expects from a coastal landscape: from palm-fringed beaches to beautiful dune landscapes to craggy rocks against which the surf of the Pacific thunders around the clock. A varied fauna and, as a world sensation, dense forests with gigantic sequoia trees await you on this path.

This former Spanish colonial capital became famous primarily for the John Steinbeck novel "The Sardine Road". In it, the writer draws a humorous, socially critical portrait of the residents of the former fishing town. The sardine and tuna stocks off the coast have long been exhausted and restaurants and souvenir shops have moved into the former canning factories. But Monterey still exudes charm.

One of the biggest attractions is the Monterey Bay Aquarium www.montereybayaquarium.org, one of the world's largest and most modern of its kind. The largest tank, which looks like a living window into the Bay of Monterey, not only paints a picture of the unique habitat of the Kelp forests - as these seaweed meadows are called - but also depicts the problem of littering the seas. More than 6,500 sea creatures live in the aquarium. Your living conditions are clearly explained to the visitor. The enclosure for the playful sea otters is particularly lovely. Some of the animals can also be touched by the audience - like the contact-friendly rays in a petting pool in the entrance area.

Point Lobos State Reserve
The sanctuary (both the sea www.californiampas.org and the coast) south of Monterey is an insider tip for those who are interested in the rich biodiversity and ecology of the California coasts. The park is known for its sea otter population and the freely growing Monterey cypress trees. With a little luck, you can also see other marine mammals such as whales or seals here. The tide differences on the coast are quite high, as a visitor you should know that. www.parks.ca.gov

17 mile drive
The scenic route along the Monterey Peninsula is one of the top highlights of any visit to this region. The private toll road stretches from Pebble Beach to Del Monte Forest and passes a variety of interesting lookouts, golf courses, and private villas. When paying the toll, drivers receive a card on which all 21 important sights are listed. The main attraction is the "lonely cypress", which has withstood the Pacific storms on a rock in the sea for about 250 years. Toll fee approx USD 10 per vehicle / day.

Everything that can be summarized under the term Californian picture-book landscape is represented here: spray spray that is washed over the cliffs, cypress trees, golf courses at its finest and dreamy villas.

Bixby Creek Bridge
The Bixby Creek Bridge, one of the world's tallest single-span bridges, is located about 21 km south of Carmel and is one of the most photographed structures along the Big Sur coastline. The approximately 218 m long, 7 m wide and 85 m high reinforced concrete bridge with its open arched construction is considered a structural masterpiece of the early 1930s. Its historical importance is reflected in the connection between the many remote coastal towns, which from then on gave automobile traffic unlimited access to this region.

Big Sur
This roughly 120 km long stretch of coast south of Monterey is one of the most scenic along Highway 1. Practically around every bend, something new and overwhelming awaits: rocky, deeply cut canyons, gorges that border wonderful sandy beaches and wild rocky cliffs against which the waves of the Lash the pacific. Experienced surfers show all their skills in the almost always high surf. Much of the coast is protected. Street signs point out the numerous California state parks and access roads to the ocean. With a bit of luck, sea otters can be seen in the sandy bays.

Hearst Castle
The property near San Simeon was built in the 1920s by newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst on a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The playful fantasy castle cost an estimated $ 37 million at the time. The 165 rooms were decorated with furniture from Europe. Hearst also had the largest private zoo in the world - with countless exotic animals - built and a 127 hectare garden laid out. www.hearstcastle.org

The small town of Solvang was founded in 1911 by a group of Danish educators on former mission land. The cultural influence of the Scandinavians is still clearly noticeable today: the buildings in the Danish half-timbered house style are lined up closely along the main street and the local delicacies and merchandise are offered in Danish bakeries, restaurants and shops. So it is not surprising that the city is nicknamed the “Danish Capital of America”. During the summer months there are daily tours with wagons pulled by brewery horses. There are also several wineries in the nearby Santa Ynez Valley, where visitors can enjoy wine tastings. The world-famous “Neverland Ranch”, the former residence of pop star Michael Jackson, is in the immediate vicinity.

Santa Barbara
For its location alone, Santa Barbara is very high on the list of the most attractive cities in the USA: Mediterranean flair, a fantastic climate, colonial-style architecture and golden beaches characterize this city. The special thing about Santa Barbara is its closed cityscape, which is rarely found in America. One strolls between white, flower-covered walls, through arcades with restaurants and nice shops, sees houses in warm ocher tones with red tile roofs, balconies and wooden shutters. Churches, squares, street cafes, fountains and alleys create a Mediterranean flair, not contemplative but filled with lively life. Romantic “bargains” sales, chic boutiques and modern shopping centers make the hearts of all those who love shopping beat faster and the wine tastings in the Santa Barbaras vineyards are a special treat for the palate.

11 km of uncrowded, white sandy beaches are a paradise for surfers and lovers. The unique surroundings of Oxnard and the small town charm are indescribable. Despite its size, Oxnard has a number of extraordinary museums: The Carnegie Art Museum www.carnegieam.org exhibits works by Californian artists, but also a collection of ethnographic works. Automobile enthusiasts will have great pleasure in the two auto museums, the Mullin Automotive Museum www.mullinautomotivemuseum.com with a number of very rare vehicles and the Murphy Auto Museum - here the focus is on US vehicles - www.murphyautomuseum.org . Children's hearts will beat faster in the Gull Wings Children's Museum www.gullwings.org. Oxnard is also the starting point to the Channel Islands National Park. Just 18 km from the coast is this extraordinary, secluded national park - an adventure not to be missed.

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