How could I be a banker

From pub to banker

The trained banker André, for example, realized a childhood dream after a few years in the bank and opened his own pub. At 37, he is now thinking about returning to the bank. Writing your résumé becomes a tough piece of work: "Basically, I miss ten years working in the catering trade. What am I writing? Self-employed businessman? Catering advice? Or something where you cannot show a certificate from your employer?"

Susanne Culo thinks little of such little lies. She is an applicant trainer at Kienbaum Personalberatung. Of course, Andrés bar work doesn’t have much to do with banking, but: "He has to be able to explain why he did it, maybe also have to prove that he has never lost his interest in the bank or in the financial services sector. In the area of ​​soft -Skills, service orientation is what one should perhaps be messing with. " It is therefore important to be inventive in order to demonstrate the extent to which previous experience could be useful for the future company. It's always better than giving in to the temptation to cheat a little, just add a year to school, or give in to a job you never had. Because if such a fraud is discovered, the job threatens to be lost.

The According to Susanne Culo's experience, there is no sample résumé. But what the consulting industry, for example, is hoping for from its applicants is not exactly small: "Studies are definitely a prerequisite, of course completed in a relatively short time with above-average grades. This should include stays abroad and various internships and not to forget of course non-university Engagement." In every industry, however, you can meet a HR manager who is forgiving of minor breaks in the biography. In principle, social skills such as rhetorical skills or empathy are also required, i.e. skills that are not part of the curriculum.