Why does my apartment smell like sewage?

Close your nose and through - the 5 most stubborn odor traps in your home

Gone with the depths! According to a study by American scientists, the human nose can perceive up to a trillion smells. This makes our nose the most sensitive organ - in front of the eyes and ears! It's logical that over time we'll smell a bad odor. Regardless of whether it is an oven, refrigerator or rubbish bin - our own four walls are full of unpleasant sources of smell. Are you fed up with it too? We'll show you how to get rid of the top 5 olfactory traps:

1. The smell kitchen

All too often we clean the surface of the kitchen and are initially satisfied with the result: no crumbs on the table, dishes washed, floor mopped. Then the blow hits us anyway: The kitchen no longer looks like a battlefield - but it smells like that! Record the scent and identify the source of the odor. Once you have discovered the source, the mission to remove the stench can begin. Move used pots, pans, and other malodorous cooking utensils outside and let them air out a little. Now you're ready to go: Just three natural household remedies are enough to get rid of stubborn odors:

Clear vinegar for fresh air around your nose: With its specific taste, vinegar not only refines dishes, but also provides a breath of fresh air in the kitchen! Fill a cup with vinegar and water and place it on the counter in the kitchen. To increase the effect, let the vinegar simmer for some time in a small saucepan without a lid. The vinegar-water mixture absorbs and binds odors in the room without giving off its own penetrating vinegar smell.

Coffee against pungent kitchen smell: Coffee doesn't just work wonders in the morning - it's also a real stimulant for our noses. Coffee powder is used in perfumeries, among other things, to neutralize the olfactory organ for new fragrances. So put a large plate with coffee powder in your kitchen - all unpleasant smells will disappear in just a few hours. Tip: Treat yourself to a coffee break in the fridge and rubbish bin - just put a little ground coffee in a bowl and change it after a week.

Soda as an odor killer for the trash can: Does your trash can smell like stale leftover food? The solution for this: baking soda! First rinse the empty trash can with vinegar water and then sprinkle two teaspoons of baking soda on the bottom of your trash can. Hang the garbage bag in the bucket and let the baking soda take effect. Because thanks to its deodorizing effect, it helps to bind and drive away strong odors in your trash can. If you feel that the effects are wearing off, simply add fresh baking soda.

2. Take a deep breath in your own home

A wide variety of smells mix in our apartment: perfume, garbage can stink, burnt warm-up pizza. We can fight these individually, but often a side odor remains that we cannot smell at all. Get rid of the stale breeze:

1. So obvious and yet underestimated: open the windows! Ventilate your apartment regularly; if it is opened on top, the smells will not escape so quickly.
2. Can't identify the source of bad smells? Light matches to neutralize the air in the room - especially useful in small rooms such as a closet or bathroom.
3. How about an individual potpourri? Mix some warm water with a dash of vinegar and essential oils of your choice. Our tip: Lavender and vanilla are particularly effective in combating pungent odors. Fill your personal air freshener into a spray bottle and distribute the fresh breeze generously in your home.

3. Flush the stink down the drain

Did you know that our sense of smell is better developed in spring and summer due to the additional moisture in the air? Since we can literally smell the warm seasons better, we are particularly sensitive to sewage odors. Especially in drainpipes, hair, food scraps and other deposits tend to collect, which clog and cause the putrid sewage odor. To get rid of it, here are two tips:

Flush some boiling water down the drain and wait a few minutes. Repeat the whole thing, this time with cold water. Then pour boiling water down the drain again. If that is not enough, use the following trick: Rinse hot water down the drain again, add a little baking soda and vinegar, but don't be alarmed: the mixture foams up and a real fizzy spectacle begins! Rinse the drain with hot water after 20-30 minutes - et voilĂ : the pipes are free of food residues and odors!

Give your drain a beauty sleep after this extensive rinsing marathon: Put lemon wedges or orange peel into the sink. This not only ensures a pleasantly fresh scent, the citric acid also prevents fat deposits.

4. This is how smells dissolve into smoke

Ontario real estate agents have found that smoking indoors can reduce the value of property by up to 30%. If that's not a reason to quit smoking - or at least find out how to get the cold smoke out of your rooms. Wash textiles such as blankets, sheets and curtains regularly with two cups of vinegar on a cold wash cycle. Then let the laundry dry in the fresh air.

To clean your sofa, cover the couch with a few easily washable cloths - this way you don't even get into the misery of a dirty sofa and the smells stick to the cloths. Here, too, baking soda can work wonders: Sprinkle a small amount on all soft surfaces and let the powder work for 30-60 minutes. Then just vacuum!

5. Infusion stove refrigerator

The refrigerator is one of the biggest odor traps in our apartment. The flood of strange smells is not only due to the fact that we clean the refrigerator too seldom - we are much too reluctant to part with expired food. So that there is no hygiene risk from E. coli bacteria or salmonella or the refrigerator acts as a smell atomizer, it is time to transform it into a fresh source of scent!

First remove all food and dispose of expired products directly. Now wipe out the empty shelves, containers and walls of the refrigerator and free them from adhering bacteria - a sponge soaked in vinegar works wonders! Washed under warm water, rub all items dry before putting them back in the refrigerator - this will prevent unwanted mold growth.

Doesn't the smell want to go away inside the refrigerator? Put a small bowl of vanilla extract in the refrigerator. After about three weeks, the unpleasant smell will have disappeared.

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