Is Japanese closer to Chinese or Turkish

Talk to each other - learn faster

Two people, two languages

Learning and speaking a language - they belong together! Two people with different mother tongues and the desire to learn the other language, that's how learning works in tandem. What else? Time for regular meetings, interest in meeting new people and chatting with them ... Detailed tips

This is how it works - free of charge, of course

  1. Enter your mother tongue or another language that you have (almost) perfect.
  2. Indicate the language you want to learn. You should already have a basic knowledge of this language in order for a conversation to be possible.
  3. Enter your postcode and you will find suitable partners in your area. If the distance does not matter and / or you are interested in online meetings, just leave the field blank.

Here we go

Create your free tandem profile here. The only requirement: an email address. Taking a photo of you will likely increase the hit rate, but it's not a must.
For your information: Communication only takes place via this portal, not via your private e-mail.