The British eat rice for breakfast

Food and drink in the UK

The poor image of British cuisine is a well-known stereotype. Still, it is worth trying some typical foods, as the food is well beyond its reputation. The central component of traditional cuisine is the roast, usually lamb, beef, pork or poultry, with fried potatoes and vegetables. The various pies, the roast beef and the juicy steaks are also recommended. Thanks to its island location, fish dishes are also widespread. In addition to these traditional influences, modern British cuisine is also shaped by the culinary specialties of the immigrants. You can find Indian and Chinese restaurants and snack bars in all major cities. Some Indian dishes, such as the Curry Chicken Marsala, are now so popular with the British that they are also counted among the British specialties.

The most important meal is the rich breakfast. It starts with a serving of muesli, yoghurt or cornflakes, followed by the famous hearty meal of fried eggs, beans, bacon, fried sausages, cooked tomatoes and sometimes fried mushrooms or fish. There is also plenty of toast and various jams as well as fresh fruit. Even if this seems very generous for our breakfast habits, you should definitely try the traditional British breakfast once. On normal working days, however, due to lack of time, the British only eat cornflakes and toast, on weekends the traditional breakfast is celebrated all the more.

Lunch is taken between 12:30 pm and 2:00 pm and is less extensive. Most of the time you eat a sandwich, where you can choose between numerous variants. The classic "fish and chips" are also popular as lunch snacks. The traditional “Sunday Roast” is served on Sundays: roast beef, pork or lamb, with baked potatoes, peas, Brussels sprouts or beans. Lamb is eaten with mint sauce and is particularly common in Wales. Horseradish sauce is served with beef and apple sauce with pork. Dessert is either rice pudding or the very delicious crumbles.

The famous tea break is a must in the late afternoon. The British like to eat cookies or small sandwiches with the obligatory black tea. The evening meal (“supper” or “dinner”), which is served between 7:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m., is then stronger again, mostly there are meat and vegetables in different variations.