What can you buy in America?

iPhone USA

What does a US iPhone cost when it arrives in Germany?

For our example we accompany one iPhone 12 with 128 GB storage in January 2021 mentally on the way from the USA to Germany. The device cost just under $ 850 in America, at the time the equivalent of about 725 euros. In Germany, on the other hand, we would have paid 950 euros. At first glance So we've just saved 225 euros.

Prices in the USA are generally quoted without taxes

Since the prices in the USA are given net, the "sales tax" is added at the checkout. The Sales tax is similar to German VAT. It is different in the individual states and is between 0 and 11.5 percent. For example, in New York the tax is 8.875 percent.

So at the checkout in the New York Apple Store on Fifth Avenue, you'd be paying around $ 925. That would be the equivalent of 790 euros and still about 160 euros lesswhen the device costs, for example, in the Apple store on Marienplatz in Munich.

Tip: Save taxes and pick up your iPhone conveniently. The states of Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon do not levy any sales tax. There you pay less for an iPhone. You can order the device of your choice in the American online shop and choose a stationary Apple store in the USA as the pick-up location ("personal pickup"). This will save you some time.

A US iPhone cannot avoid customs

When entering Germany, you have to register your new acquisition with customs. Should you happen to forget to register your bargain after the long flight, threatens a fine or even a criminal case. It is not a good idea to take your iPhone out of the box, put it in your pocket and claim that you had it with you when you arrived. Customs officers can tell whether the device is from the USA or Germany with a quick look at the serial number.

Hold on to customs invoice ready. If you cannot present this, the officials will estimate the value of the goods - which should not be in your favor.

Since the iPhone is worth more than 700 euros in our example, you pay 19 percent to customs. If the value were below 700 euros, a flat rate of 17.5 percent would be Import sales tax attack. The "sales tax" paid in the USA is included in the value of the goods. You will not get the US sales tax back when you re-enter Germany. In our example, customs collect 150 euros.

The iPhone from the USA is 10 euros cheaper

When you arrived in Germany, you would have paid a total of 940 euros for the device from the USA. Compared to buying from Apple in Germany, you would have been pretty accurate Paid 10 euros less. Without any “sales tax” you would have saved 85 euros.

So the iPhone from the US is hardly worth the effort it makes to buy. We would therefore clearly advise against it.

You drive cheaper if you wait a little after the release of the new iPhone and then buy it from a German online retailer.