Americans hate people who speak French

More and more Americans speak Arabic and less and less German

Viewed from America, the European refugee crisis may seem far away. But there, too, the fear of Muslim infiltration is being fueled by interested parties. It is no coincidence that, shortly after the Obama administration announced it would accept more refugees from the Middle East, the staunch Republican website Breitbart reported that Arabic and Urdu (the language of Pakistan) were the fastest growing languages ​​in the United States .

The figures on which the Tatar registration is based are serious: the US Census Bureau determined for 2014 that around one in five residents of the United States now speaks a language other than English at home. The Census Bureau puts the number at 63.2 million out of a population of 318.9 million. That's 21.1 percent. The conservative Center for Immigration Studies, which advertises with the slogan “Low Immigration, Pro Immigration”, has analyzed and sorted the numbers.

The number of Arabic speakers is small

Under the perfidious headline “Obama's America”, “Breitbart” reports that between 2010 and last year there was a 29 percent increase in Arabic speakers and a 23 percent increase in Urdu speakers. The message is clear: the Muslim (as such, Obama is often slandered) is bringing Muslims into the country.

What is kept secret: The number of Arabic speakers is still small at 1.1 million, compared to 39.3 million Spanish speakers - and this will not change anytime soon, even with an increase of 252,000 people in the years 2010 to 2014. “Breitbart” deliberately only operates with percentages, where a relatively strong increase in a relatively small community has the same effect. But compared to the number of Spanish speakers (up 2.3 million) and Chinese speakers (331,000), the number of those speaking Arabic at home has not grown as much since the beginning of the decade.

At least on par with Korean

After all, almost every 300th American now speaks Arabic rather than English. The language of the Koran is one of the idioms that more than a million US citizens prefer to use privately. Behind Spanish, Chinese (3.1 million), Tagalog, the language of the Philippines (1.7 million), Vietnamese (1.5 million) and French (1.2 million), Arabic is on par with Korean. A threatening Islamization of America cannot be inferred from all of this.

Nevertheless, whoever wants to can read some worrying tendencies from the data of the census authority - but they do not just affect Muslims. Since 1980, the proportion of those who do not speak English at home has almost tripled, while the population has only grown by a third. At that time it was 23.060 million out of a total population of 226.5 million, or 11 percent.

Less and less German is spoken at home

And obviously the preference for the original mother tongue does not necessarily change when the children of the first generation of immigrants grow up: Of the 63 million non-English speakers, 27.7 million, or 44 percent, were born in the United States.

Incidentally, there is bad news for German language patriots: The number of Americans who spoke German at home fell to less than one million in 2014 (934,438); in 2000 it was 1,383 million. German is one of the languages ​​that has lost the most speakers in terms of percentage (12.5 percent). Serbo-Croatian and Hungarian rank behind.

More Arab, but also more Asian

Just before that, but also with losses of more than ten percent, are Italian and Polish. One can predict that old European sounds will be heard less and less in the USA in the long term - with the exception of Spanish, of course, which is not growing because Spaniards are immigrating.