How does infrastructure make a place worth living in?

We finance what makes cities liveable

We have been financing infrastructure projects for more than 150 years. They help cities and countries around the world evolve.

We partner with all of those who drive progress through their ingenuity, energy and entrepreneurship.

From roads, bridges and tunnels, to airports, ports and public transport, to alternative energies or new districts. Projects like these make a positive contribution to the economy, society and everyday life. Investing in infrastructure not only improves the quality of life. They create jobs and help companies to be successful.

Deutsche Bank has always supported infrastructure projects around the world by raising funds from investors and
provides its own capital.

For more than 150 years we have stood by those who drive progress through their ingenuity, energy and entrepreneurship. People who look beyond today and see a different future. Who have the vision to find new solutions to connect cities, countries and continents. The people who turn visions into reality and break new ground for them.

The Kurfürstendamm - or Ku‘damm - is one of the most famous streets in Berlin. It used to be just a country road on the western edge of the city. But Berlin grew and needed more space. With the expansion of the Ku‘damm in 1882, a new quarter for shops, restaurants, offices and residential buildings was created. The financing of the Deutsche Bank made the realization possible.

Since then, people have come to Ku‘damm to work, live and play. Over the years, war and peace, decline and upswing have shaped the quarter. It never stood still. Financing and investments continue to drive Ku‘damm and Berlin. This is how cities are created.

People come to Ku‘damm to work, live and play.

We have been helping customers build new infrastructures for more than 150 years

We are financing the construction of a new commercial and residential area in Berlin around the Ku‘damm.

We are providing funding for the electrification of Barcelona and Seville.

The arrival of the subway connects Berlin: We help to build the company behind it.

We lead the consortium that is funding the construction of a new power plant to supply Buenos Aires with electricity.

We participate in the purchase of Tempelhofer Feld, Berlin's first commercial airport.

A bond issue is funding the expansion of the Osaka port to increase international trade.

We are raising the capital for new highways connecting Italian cities.

We are helping to finance new pipelines that bring natural gas from Russia to Europe.

As part of a consortium, we are financing the Eurotunnel between Great Britain and mainland Europe.

We are arranging the financing for the Darnytskyi Bridge, which improves road and rail connections in Kiev.

Our financing of new power plants gives Egypt a modern energy infrastructure.

We are helping to finance the world's longest suspension bridge in Çanakkale, Turkey.

We finance the construction of new wind farms that will increase the production of green electricity in Norway and Taiwan.

We support project financing for Hudson Yards, the new neighborhood on the West Side of New York City.

We connect companies and people, today and the future

For more than 150 years we have been connecting worlds to help people and companies achieve their goals.

Export, trade and growth

For more than 150 years, we've helped companies of all types do business around the world.

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