How do you convince your parents

How do I convince my parents?

Your own pet? No way! Going out late in the evening? No chance! And the prospect of an increase in pocket money is also rather bad. Your parents are just super strict and that really annoys you? No need to despair! daily X spoke to the Würzburg social worker and family advisor Herbert Wimmer and gives tips on how to get your parents to do that. . .

. . . you get more pocket money.

“You should first tell your parents why you need more money,” says Herbert Wimmer. This could be, for example, increased prices for cell phones, movies, etc. "It is important that you take enough time to explain it to your parents and not to claim, I need more money!" .

. . . you are allowed to go away longer in the evening.

"It is crucial for parents that the child is reliable," says the family advisor. When they see that you are meeting the allotted times to get home, they know they can count on you. You can be less strict next time. You should also let your parents know which event you would like to attend and with whom.

. . . you can go on vacation alone with your friends.

“Here it is important to parents what kind of trip it is. They have the fewest concerns about a youth trip with supervisors. You should also promise to stay in contact with them during the trip, ”said the expert. If your parents still have reservations, it helps to show them testimonials from former participants or to take them to the tour operator's information event in advance.

. . . you get your own pet.

Many parents who ban pets fear that in the end they will be solely responsible for caring for the animal. You should therefore find out beforehand which tasks the desired animal has to do, for example cleaning the cage or aquarium, and draw up a plan that regulates who takes on which tasks in the family. Another option is to finance the animal yourself and, for example, pay for the feed.

. . . they accept your style, be it hippie, emo or punk.

“Often the adults do not know what is behind the individual clothing styles. When it comes to punk, many immediately think of drugs and reject it. Therefore, you should take the time to explain to your parents the attitude to life that the style symbolizes and explain why you like this style so much, ”said Herbert Wimmer.

. . . they lift your house arrest.

House arrest is an educational measure. Before the parents loosen it up, they want to see that it has borne fruit. If the youngster admits his mistake and shows insight, that purpose is fulfilled. Then you can also argue against it and try to convince them to lift the sentence.

. . . they lend you their car.

“Safety is the greatest concern of many parents. Therefore, you should always tell them beforehand where you want to go and who you are taking with you. It also helps to reassure them that you will not drink alcohol - even if it seems obvious to you, ”explains the expert. If that's not enough, you can offer your parents that they can convince themselves of your driving skills beforehand or suggest something in return, such as car washing. You should also refuel the gasoline you are using.

. . . you can get a piercing or tattoo.

You shouldn't fall into the house with the door straight away, but carefully prepare your parents for it and openly discuss piercings and tattoos with them. Parents often fear that all you want to do is get this body jewelry done to rebel against them. So you have to make it clear to them what significance the piercing / tattoo has for you and why you like it and will continue to like it in the future.

. . . your boyfriend can stay with you.

"The important thing here is that you talk openly about sexuality and contraception," says Wimmer. If the parents notice that you are mature enough to decide for yourself about having sex and are informed about contraception, then it is easier to convince them to agree to an overnight stay with your boyfriend.

. . . you can get your driving license at the age of 17.

It is important to convince your parents that you need a driver's license in your current life situation. For example, if you live in the country and later you often have to drive alone in order to get to school and friends, then longer driving experience with your parents is an advantage for safety.

One more tip at the end:

Whatever your concern, Herbert Wimmer advises: “Never present your parents with a fait accompli, but try to convince them in a quiet conversation. It is important not to insist on your opinion, but also to listen to parents' concerns. You can only come to a compromise if you take each other seriously. "

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