What is the average gay salary

Sexuality Pay GapFewer salary For Homosexuals?

Sexulality Pay Gap: The point here is not that women earn less than men, but that gay men earn less than their heterosexual colleagues - an average of almost three euros.

Because according to the results of a new study by the German Institute for Economic Research, gay men earn on average 2.64 euros less per hour than heterosexual men. And that although the bottom line is that the group of homosexual men is better educated.

But there are still many unanswered questions about the study: There is a risk that the numbers in the study will only reflect reality in a distorted manner. Because when it comes to sensitive questions like one's own sexual orientation, there is a tendency for people to answer "suitable for the majority" so that most people find their answer good.

The reasons are still unclear

The authors of the study have not yet been able to name the exact reasons for this. One suspicion, however, is that gay men work more unpaid overtime.

In any case, it is not due to qualifications, professional experience, working time models or the industry, because if these factors are factored out, the differences in pay still remain.

Straight men make the most money

Overall, the ranking for the remuneration is as follows: Heterosexual men receive 18 euros gross per hour, gay men and lesbian women receive 16 euros, and heterosexual women receive the least: a good 14 euros. That means: The "Gender Pay Gap" is still bigger than the "Sexuality Pay Gap".

Pigeonhole thinking is a problem

Another problem is that many people are unable to clearly state which official sexual orientation would best describe themselves.

In studies that do not ask directly about a single sexual orientation, but rather what is most likely to apply, the results are completely different. Precisely because people do not want to be assigned so strictly to a certain category.