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Britney / Brittany

Britney / Brittany

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Britney / Brittany is the second episode of Glee's second season.

The New Directions absolutely want to sing Britney Spears songs, but Will is against it. Then he met Carl Howell, Emma's friend, and offered him to check the Glee Kids' dental hygiene. In fact, some of the Glee Kids have bad teeth and they are later given an anesthetic by Carl in his practice, hallucinating to sing Britney songs. Because Carl advised him to loosen up, Will sings a Britney Spears song with New Directions at the next school meeting, but Emma still prefers Carl.


The students at Glee Club try to convince Will that they can sing a song by Britney Spears. But Will stands across and denies it all the time when you suggest it to him. But Brittany says that she doesn't want to sing Britney Spears songs either, because her name Brittany S. (stands for Susan) Pierce is similar to Britney Spears 'name and she has been in Britney Spears' shadow all her life.

Will meets Emma's friend Carl Howell. A dentist, he says that only a small fraction of the students at William McKinley High School will likely still have their real teeth by the age of thirty. Will offers to look at the teeth of New Directions. When the kids meanwhile chew chewable tablets that stain their teeth blue when they hit

e have poor dental hygiene, Carl discovers that Artie, Rachel, and Brittany have poor dental hygiene, so he calls them all to his office to have their teeth treated.

Brittany is the first to be treated and is anesthetized. Meanwhile, Carl turns up the radio into which he has put a Britney Spears CD. Brittany is about to protest, but during the anesthesia she hallucinates that she is I'm a slave 4 U sings. Carl says Brittany has over sixty holes in total

he has and therefore has to treat her again the next day. The next day, Brittany and Santana are given an anesthetic, even if their teeth are perfect, and the two sing together Me Against the Music.

Will is also in Carl's office. Carl tries to convince Will to keep his hands off her as long as he is with Emma and tells him how he got Emma to go out with him. He also advises Will to loosen up.

Rachel is next to be anesthetized. You hallucinate that

you ... Baby One More Time sings and when she wakes up she decides to go to school in a Britney Spears outfit the next day. Finn doesn't like the fact that Rachel attracts the attention of all the boys with it. And Sue of course notices this and asks Will if the Glee Club is now singing Britney Spears songs, but he says no.

Will bought the same car as Carl. Emma is skeptical, but sits down next to him and Will begins Saillin ' to sing and finally wants to drive off when Terri gets in the way of the car. Emma gets out and

leaves Will with Terri, who obviously still has feelings for Will.

Artie's anesthesia is also due. He hallucinates that Tina is sad that she left him for Mike and that after that he will go to the next football practice and with the other footballers Stronger sings. When his anesthesia ends, Carl mentions that all of the glee kids sang while they were anesthetized.

At the next Glee rehearsals, Brittany says that she wants to sing Britney Spears after all and

by being entitled to all the solos, having hallucinated while under anesthesia, that she can sing and dance better than Britney. And of course all the other Glee kids want to sing Britney Spears too, and finally Will says that they will sing a song by Britney at the next school meeting, but he will sing along.

Finn is sitting in the footballer's locker room and Artie joins him and says that he still wants to join the team. Beiste also comes into the cabin at the same moment. Finn tries to convince himself that he has nothing to do with Artie wanting to join the team, but Beiste just says that they both join the team

what the two are happy about.

The New Directions sing at the school meetingToxic. All the other students are enthusiastic about what Sue doesn't like and that's why she turns on the fire alarm at the end of the New Directions performance.

Rachel doesn't like that Finn is back quarterback and popular again and says that he should choose between her and football. A little later, Finn is stopped in the hallway by Quinn. She says that since everything is back to normal, she as the captain of the Cheerios and he as the quarterback of the Titans, that she

could do something together again, but Finn says she knows he loves someone else. Rachel hears this.

Will and Emma are talking to each other. Emma says that she wanted him to loosen up but still be himself.

Rachel sings for Finn at the next Glee rehearsals The Only Exception.

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All songs, except explicitly mentioned, are by Britney Spears.

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  • The episode was watched by 13.51 viewers in the US, making it the highest-rated episode aired on regular airtime.
  • This is the first of two Britney Spears tribute episodes. The second is Britney 2.0 in the fourth season.
    • Both are the second from their seasons.
  • In this episode, Brittany gets her first solo, I'm a slave 4 U, her first duet, Me Against the Music and her first solo in a group number, Toxic.
  • After his suggestion to perform Britney Spears songs is rejected by Will because of Brittany's complaint, Kurt sarcastically thanks her, to which Santana replies, "Leave Brittany alone," referring to the famous video by Chris Crocker .
  • After Rachel wakes up from her Britney fantasy, she asks, "Is this real life," which is a reference to the famous internet video David after Dentist.
  • A total of four songs in this episode act in a dream sequence, which is why this episode with Puppet Master has the most dream sequence songs.
  • Heather met Britney Spears two years earlier, where she dressed up as Britney and sang and danced like her. At the time, Britney said Heather was just as amazing as she was, but when she got on the set of Glee, she didn't recognize Heather from two years ago.
  • Naya Rivera named the set that she and Heather were on Me Against the Music turned "the sweat lodge" because it was "hot as hell".
  • Ryan Murphy said the main purpose of this episode was to showcase Heather's "fantastic dancing skills".
  • Heahter said she was so overwhelmed to get a solo that when she got home after receiving the news, she cried.
  • For this episode alone, Heather received consistent critical acclaim, mostly for her dancing.
  • Heather commented that her dance parts only needed one day to practice.
  • Every character who has been in Carl's practice, except Artie, sings in Toxic.
  • After Rachel changed her look, Karofsky asks: "Why do the gay guys get the hot girls off?". Ironically, he lets himself into Born This Way on Santana to hide his homosexuality.
  • Brittany is the only one who appears in two Britney fantasies.
  • Finn says, "How can you get caught between the moon and New York City? There's about a hundred miles between them." This is a reference to the Christopher Cross song Arthur’s Theme (Best That You Can Do) from the film "Arthur", which won an Academy Award.
  • With the songs off Britney 2.0 Glee has covered at least one song from every Britney album and compilation (except for "Britney Jean"):
  • Heather actually wanted to ... Baby One More Time singing, but it went to Lea Michele, who ironically got mostly bad reviews for it.
  • In this episode, Brittany's full name, Brittany Susan Pierce (a.k.a. Brittany S. Pierce), is known, which she does not use for fear of living in Britney Spears' shadow. In previous episodes, she said she forgot her middle name, which could also be due to "living in Britney Spears' shadow fear".
  • Emma has the following brochures:
    • "Wow! There's a hair down there!"
    • "I still breastfeed ... but how old IS too old?"
    • "Proper Wiping: As Easy as 1-2-3 (Proper Wiping: As Easy as 1-2-3)"
  • The only episode of the second season without Sam.
  • When Emma with Will in The Power of Madonna When talking about role models, she mentions that Britney Spears and her "shaved head" is a bad one for the kids. In this episode, Emma ironically talks about what a great role model she is for rebirth and conquering adversity.