Are we always alone

Ways out of loneliness - so you can enjoy being alone

Silent Sundays and holidays, sleepless nights and sad vacation days - loneliness, inner emptiness and the feeling of not being loved. Many of us suffer from it but are ashamed to talk about it. A silent anger spreads, a resentment against everyone who has a partner and family and is not lonely. Not only are the elderly or sick people affected, tooSingles in the prime of life orsuccessful women and men are lonely. When and why do some people suffer from the feeling oflonliness and why can others even enjoy it? How can the feeling of loneliness be counteracted?


There can be several reasons why a person feels lonely:mental or physical illness orsudden strokes of fate. People who feel lonely were often confronted with it in childhood. Parents who were absent or not empathetic, insufficient love from siblings or grandparents. This makes them insecure and leads to the fact that the children who are insecure at an early age have difficulty making contacts and maintaining relationships. For many, loneliness can at some pointpainful become like a physical illness. Being lonely is not the same as beingbe alone. Because feelings of loneliness can also occur when people seem to be well connected in their environment and

  • popular
  • married
  • young
  • is in company.

So being alone doesn't always lead to loneliness, and being married and popular doesn't always lead to lonelinesshappy togetherness. Many people fear loneliness while others consciously seek it. One might think that loneliness is dying out in our age. Contact can be established quickly via social networks, WhatsApp or SMS, so why is it that so many of us feel lonely?