What are your lifelong goals

Realize dreams: Find your own goals in life in 4 steps

Finding out what we really want to do in our life - and then also implementing these dreams is not always easy. Creative writing can help us to get clarity about the next step and to boldly live our visions despite fears.

There are times in our lives when we feel that an upheaval is pending. Job, relationship, place of residence or other living conditions no longer feel right. Sometimes it also seems as if we have been living a life that is not really ours for far too long. But what is it then? Which wishes, dreams and visions are ours? And how can we really live it?

1. What have I achieved in my life so far?

In order to embark on a new phase of life, it is helpful first of all clarity about where we are now in life: What are our living conditions like? What is there in our life right now?

We can write one Life map to draw:

The map of life
Draw the map of your life. The way it currently looks.
What hills and mountains have you climbed lately?
Which rivers crossed?
In which places do you like to stay?
Are there islands and places that have been newly created?
Draw the map of your life with rivers, mountains, cities, landscape, sea and islands. Then fill the map with life and write down the answers (in key words or short sentences) to the above questions. When you feel it's enough, stop.
Now let the resulting card work on you again. What is your current life like? Where do you stand? Let your life map come to life by writing in a text.

The perfect tool to achieve your goals: The Life Coach + Calendar.

2. Breaking new ground: You can only realize dreams of a lifetime if you dare to do something

If we have now determined our starting point, we can align the course towards our new phase of life: Where should we continue? In which direction do we want to move? For this we can create our new territory on a white sheet of paper. The land that is still empty and spread out before us, that Land of the future. So we can ask ourselves: What do we want to grow here? How can our life go on? And what would we like from our current country - from the map of life that we drew before - into this one Uncharted territory to take?

Enter new territory
This uncharted territory can consist of mountains, lakes, river landscapes, cities, islands and the sea - pictures, words or both.
But maybe there is just new territory in you right now, a simple white blank sheet of paper. That too is wonderful, just let it be. In the coming weeks you can take a look at your Neuland sheet from time to time and see whether something comes to mind over time that would like to develop there or whether you want to record something in the new territory that has come into your life is.

3. What are my goals in life? Recognize dreams and desires

Sometimes we already know exactly how ours new period of my life should look like. What we want to change, what we no longer want to carry with us. But sometimes we just know that it can't go on like this. But what it can look like instead and what our dreams and visions could be - that is the question.

A good guiding star and guide here is joy. Remember: What did you enjoy doing as a child? What made you happy? Be it baking, painting, digging in the sand, screwing on tractors or something completely different. Because what still today our talents and potential stuck, has usually already fulfilled us as a child. And: What we do with joy and passion will automatically lead to success - including financial success.

For those who, for example, are about to start a new career phase, perhaps paired with the leap into independence, the joy will also be as Motivator to get to know. If it always carries us on our way, it lets us take the next step, even if the big money does not materialize at first or we experience headwinds.

4. Take the next step and follow your own dreams

Because not infrequently we encounter resistance right at the beginning, when we have formulated our wishes and visions internally and start to carry them outwardly into the world. People say to us: How is that supposed to work? What are you thinking about that? Did you plan that well too? How is that supposed to work financially? And it begins in us Head carousel to run: Can I really do that? Can I trust myself to do that? Living the life that really makes me happy?

Two writing impulses are particularly helpful at such times. On the one hand, we can approach the question by writing: What would I do next if I could be sure that nothing would happen? What would my next step look like?if I could be sure that nothing would happen to me? And follow the first impulse by writing. Another powerful exercise that helps us go through fears, doubts and uncertainties while writing is The eagle:

The eagle
Imagine you are flying like an eagle high on the horizon. Very little below you can see shades of green, blue and brown. There is forest, here and there a settlement, sometimes fields, meadows, a stream. Further back, the mountains rise, majestic and high.
How free you feel up here! Free as a bird that feels the space around it with every beat of its wing. In addition, incredibly powerful, strong and lively.
At the bottom you can see yourself sitting at the kitchen table with sagging shoulders, pulling your hair up and wondering how you can take the next step. Remember: you are the eagle. What would you give yourself down there at the kitchen table in this situation on the way? Write yourself a letter, follow your first impulses.

In this way we can reconnect with our inner power and strength in a variety of ways - and we are allowed to remind ourselves: At the end of life we ​​regret much more what we did not do than what we did (even if we should fail). Living your own dreams and visions is definitely worth a risk.

With our tips you will reach your goals faster, even at work.