Brazil is hotter than Australia

FIFA with ambitious goalsWomen's World Cup 2023 in New Zealand and Australia

FIFA President Gianni Infantino made it exciting again at the end: "I can announce, the host countries of the FIFA womens world cup 2023 will be Australia and New Zealand."

So Australia and New Zealand will jointly host the 2023 Women's World Cup. So the members of the FIFA Council decided with 22 to 13 votes. This leaves Colombia, also traded as a hot favorite, outside. Brazil and Japan had already withdrawn their applications in advance. Japan justified this with the corona pandemic.

"Designing the best women's soccer World Cup"

This is the first time that the Women's World Cup will take place in the southern hemisphere. And it is precisely there, in the southern hemisphere, that there is great joy: Joanna Wood from the National Football Association of New Zealand: "I am extremely excited about this decision. And: It has something to do with making history and creating new opportunities. And now we have a job: to create the best women's soccer World Cup that has ever existed. "

Chris Nikou, President of the Australian Football Association, did not want to be inferior in any way, he also promised: "... to organize the best football World Cup. Thanks to the other eight countries that have also applied: We respect them - they are great countries! "

"This is a real world championship"

FIFA President Gianni Infantino spoke of a transparent, open decision-making process. This is a trademark of the new FIFA, as you will get to know it more often now. And: Women's football is becoming more and more important worldwide. That was already shown at the last Women's World Cup in France. Women's World Cup?

"It's not just a women's soccer World Cup. It's a real World Cup. We just have to get it: women make up 50 percent of the population, maybe even a little more, and women's soccer is a very, very attractive sport these days!"

That's why you don't just want to wait until the 2023 World Cup finally starts. On the way there, FIFA is pursuing ambitious goals - as if there were: "Not only the doubling of the girls and women who play football - we really want to make women's football a part of social life. And that's a process that works with women - World Cup will not be over. "

FIFA approves COVID-19 aid package

But apart from the women's soccer World Cup in three years, this was also a concern of the FIFA President: The Covid-19 plan: FIFA wants to provide 1.5 billion dollars for soccer associations and clubs in order to respond to the corona pandemic .

Infantino promised that FIFA would watch with eagle eyes to ensure that the money was not used as a rogue. Olli Rehn, Governor of the Finnish Central Bank, is to act as the independent chairman of a supervisory body to ensure that the distribution is correct.