Exit interviews are just a formality

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Throwing mud at your co-workers is not a good practice! If you feel that some issues around you are making your job so difficult that you think about leaving, discuss them!

Discuss them beforehand before you decide to leave. This is the only way to solve the problems. Otherwise, you don't seem sure why to go and try to look for the problems around you in order to be more confident about your decision. And be sure you would always find some!

If you've already made the decision, what should you be talking about about the problems? Are you kind enough to help your ex-coworkers realize how many problems they are having? Is it actually going to help them in any way?

The only help you could see from such a discussion would be the fact that you had the wrong person on the team and you should be glad you left ...

I've switched so many jobs in my life, but I've never left an accusing team behind in my troubles. The reason to leave was always the same - "Thank you for all the experiences I've had with you, but this is the moment I have to move forward. I hope one day our streets will cross again and we will become different Start successful projects, but right now I have to go. "