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The word "help" is derived from the word help.


Why should you hire Help Supply Chain Solutions for your management training program? Because with us the extraordinary is normal when we help you achieve your performance goals. Our motto really reflects how we run our business:


Our company motto

Our goal is to be the preferred supplier of training and consulting services in the market we serve. Our top priority is our customers - we believe they don't deserve less, because our very existence rests on it. Our relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction drives our will to always deliver quality service. We always listen and anticipate and respond to their changing needs that make the business necessary.

An introduction to Hilf Supply Chain Solutions Limited


We are primarily a training company (a leading supplier of prep training for what are known as APICS exams). We also provide advice and interim management tasks.

The training is mainly carried out at the customer's premises in Great Britain.

Order fulfillment advice - this is not only aimed at large companies, but also at SMEs (small and medium-sized companies) - we help with the interpretation of information messages in the supply chain and demand patterns from their larger customers who operate MRP / ERP systems (MRP = material acquisition planning ; ERP = Enterprise Resource Planning). The goal is to give the supplier company a better understanding of their customers' business so that they will grow closer together for mutual benefit as they progress towards best practices. In addition to site support, a number of highly relevant training courses have been developed and offered to the market.

The courses deal with the relationships between upstream and downstream activities within the supply chain. Traditional shopping and customer satisfaction courses are thoroughly within the boundaries of the function. However, process orientation and changes in the hierarchy related to customer focus left gaps in the traditional courses offered to today's changing organizations - especially SMEs, where roles and responsibilities are continually expanding.

Understanding MRP mechanics is another broad area and essential to the large number of organizations in which formal training has been uncommon since the 1980s when the MRP classification of Oliver Wight-type firms was particularly fashionable. The widespread industrial acceptance of ERP systems made it necessary to ensure that both buyers and planners had in-depth knowledge of them because such systems use traditional MRP logic. Ensuring an understanding of such techniques (in addition to the required IT user training) greatly increases the chances of a problem-free implementation.

Would you like to give the employees of your support team in administration an overview of modern management thinking - without regularly sending them to countless training courses and seminars? The Business Fundamentals courses are probably exactly what you are looking for. This half-day course was created for trainee managers and modern trainees and provides enough knowledge and skills in many subjects for the non-specialist. Put simply, it gets rid of the jargon and gives the participants a working knowledge of modern thinking and modern buzzwords, so that this understanding re-installs self-confidence in everyday work and when dealing with colleagues, suppliers and customers.

International Seminars - Company representatives have given presentations at conferences and training workgroups (see our brochure on the Internet for participant comments after these courses).


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