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Driving in the sun despite Hartz-IV - that's how it works

"Yes, I admit it, I get Hartz-IV!" This sentence often echoes through our society, on the contrary: About 4.3 million Germans live with unemployment benefit II, a basic security benefit for job seekers. But is this a reason to feel ashamed or inferior? No, definitely not!

Really every single one of us can come into this situation and may have to experience how difficult it is to make ends meet with little money. Would you like to go out for a delicious meal with the family, shop extensively or buy a new cell phone? Hartz IV recipient have to think twice and still struggle with sometimes humiliating reactions from society.

As a Hartz IV recipient, can I go on vacation?

These are your rights

Can Hartz IV recipients go on vacation?

Tips for a cheap vacation

Incidentally, here you will find a three and a half month holiday in the sun with a stay of 21 days in each case - in between you will be at home for a few days to water the flowers before you fly to the next sun destination. The offer can of course be enjoyed with a twinkle in my eye!

Hartz-IV Urlaub: These are your rights

Since January 1st, 2020, single ALG II recipients have to have a Standard rate of € 432 get by, with the costs for accommodation and heating being covered - in contrast to 2017, the standard rate has increased by 1.70 percent.

An amount that is shrinking pretty quickly in a month! But what about vacation? Are Hartz IV recipients even entitled to go on vacation and if so, can you afford it with this standard rate?

In the summer in particular, those affected notice the gap between rich and poor even more intensely than in everyday life and may have to struggle even more with their life situation - while the families around them happily start their three-week vacation and make plans weeks in advance in some families it is hardly possible to even think about such a trip. I did some research and spoke to Peter, the former Hartz IV recipient, to give you a brief overview of the vacation in the summer holidays To provide.

Three crucial questions about Hartz IV and vacation:

  • Are Hartz IV recipients even allowed to go on vacation?
  • What is the legal situation like?
  • What savings tips are there that make a cheap and good vacation possible?

Can Hartz IV recipients go on vacation?

The answer is yes! In principle, the unemployed can 6 weeks of vacation a year take, taking them at this time21 daysfinancially supported become. From the 22nd day of absence from the location, benefits may be reduced.

Any absence from the location must be registered

Specifically, this means: Anyone who takes longer than three weeks of vacation in a row will only receive money for three weeks, a fourth week of vacation will not be supported. So you should make sure that you are really away for a maximum of 21 days at a time. Most common 14 days are so cooked no problem. Anyone who is away for more than 6 weeks at a time does not even receive any money in the first three weeks, which are normally supported. That's pretty tricky. However, this general holiday regulation does not mean that the absence is guaranteed to be confirmed by the clerk for the planned period. Hartz IV recipients ultimately stands no legally secure claim to.

How so? If, for example, a one-euro job placement is possible during the planned vacation, the unemployed must comply with this. However, a rejection also depends on the type of job, for example, as the former unemployed Peter tells me: "Let's take a doctor as an example - with whom it is actually clear that he will not have to wait long for a job placement, since doctors are simply always needed and therefore do not even get a permit for a vacation. Office clerks, on the other hand, are a dime a dozen, where the authorities may put less emphasis on their presence and simply take the next unemployed office clerk to send him for an interview.“

Here again the official formulation of the Federal Employment Agency:

Unemployed people should contact the employment agency in good time before planning any vacation. They have the option of going on vacation or being absent from the location for up to three weeks per calendar year with the consent of the Employment Agency, with continued payment of benefits. The prerequisite for this is that the employment agency does not plan any activities for the professional integration of the requesting unemployed person during this period. […] If the unemployed goes on vacation without the approval of the employment agency, he risks an expensive vacation pleasure. Not only does the payment of unemployment benefit stop when it becomes known, the money that has already been transferred for the holiday period must also be repaid. In addition, there is a risk of a severe fine."Reporting obligations must be met

However, should those affected get permission, it is important that they give theirs Reporting requirements fulfill. On the one hand, they have to deregister from the employment agency in good time so that they can stay outside their place of residence or abroad. And they also have to report back after the absence. With regard to the reporting obligations, Peter explains to me that these must indeed be properly reported so that no problems arise: "The authorities give tax money to the unemployed, i.e. finance them with it, so that the unemployed cannot do everything with their money.“So if they fail to meet their reporting requirements, they face a fine. In addition, they must always be available for their work group during their absence, but for this they are in the so-called Availability arrangement all details regulated.

Tips for the cheapest possible vacation

During my research on Hartz IV vacation, I am also on some valuable tips which I would of course not withhold from you and which will hopefully help some a little.

1. Notify vacation time in good time

  • It is very advisable that those affected apply for leave to their clerk in good time! Why? The authorities usually do not approve the application until late, so that not everything can always be fully regulated in terms of planning. Some people might think while reading: "You can hardly make ends meet and then the guru tells you something about vacation ..." But my dear ones, everyone deserves a vacation, and that's why you shouldn't bury your head in the sand, because you can save money on this topic too! Peter tells me the following about this: "Of course you can't finance a vacation three times a year with the money, that would quickly cause trouble with the authorities anyway if you were going on vacation all the time ... But: Somehow you can manage it, at least a few days To treat yourself to vacation and if it's only with your aunt in Bavaria ...“

2. Travel in the off-season if possible

  • In terms of money, for example, it is much cheaper if you are not in the main but Off-season a trip undertakes, because even then you can spend unforgettable and relaxing days. A Vacation in Egypt is way too hot in the main season. In spring, when the package tours are still cheap, you can also do it in the Canary Islands vacation endure much better. And a place at the pool is guaranteed to be free. Cheap single travel offers and deals for all inclusive holidays can also be booked in the off-season. If you have to travel in the high season, for example because you have school-age children, keep an eye out for early bird offers. Offers for the beautiful Algarve and are often unbeatable in terms of price Greece.

3. Arrival by car, train or long-distance bus

  • Also a cheap option for a few days of relaxation: Instead of a flight, a few days with the automobile or also with the Long-distance bus drive to a beautiful city. Because even in your own home country you can spend wonderful days, just switch off, see a new environment and escape the daily grind. It is always worth comparing prices. There are often great savings on buses or trains. Some of the ferry companies offer tickets for less than 5 euros each way.

4. Inexpensive living in holiday apartments & Co.

  • When traveling, it is also advisable for those affected to save on accommodation. Also Youth hostels orcheap hostels are great accommodations and at least you are there more or less just to sleep anyway. And the already tight money is simply much better invested in activities during the vacation than in an expensive hotel. Also Apartments offers itself here, because here you can cater for yourself in your apartment and save yourself the money from eating out. Of course there is also the possibility to try house sitting.
  • It is also absolutely recommended for solo travelers Couchsurfing - Incidentally, this is not just something for adventurous students, but is also used by people who want to live close to the local culture. The overnight stay is free and your hosts are happy to let you take part in their everyday life - just bring a small gift and invite your host for a drink to show you their appreciation.

5. Let professionals look for vacations

  • Not everyone has the time and the patience to deal with the topic of vacation long and hard. That's exactly what I'm here for. Just take a look at my offers or visit me in the Urlaubguru Store in Unna and I'll look for a great bargain. It would be laughable if it wasn't possible to take you to great places for little money - regardless of whether for a short city break or for a relaxed package holiday. Because it is important that none of you have to stay at home all year round. Anyone who keeps icing for a few days afterwards has a lot more vigor and energy for everyday life. Don't get discouraged and get in touch!