Is the winter in Toronto or Montreal more difficult

The best time to travel to Canada by region

The best time to travel to Canada depends on a few factors!

The best time to travel to Canada depends on which region you want to visit and for what purpose. The best time to travel to Toronto is different than to Vancouver.

The same goes for regions like the Canadian Rockies and the East Coast of Canada! Worst Time to Visit Canada? Well, that depends on the temperature you enjoy the least!

For example, Eric loves the Canadian summers at his family cottage in Ontario, but autumn is his favorite season. You can experience the colorful leaves and cooler temperatures in many parts of Canada - but especially in its home province of Ontario.

So what's the best time to visit Canada? The very short and rough answer is:

  • Best Time to Visit Canada in Summer: July or august.
  • Best Time to Visit Canada in Winter: January or february.

Of course, it's not really that simple. Read this blog post to learn more about the best times to travel to different regions and cities.

We'll also tell you about the big festivals and events that come with the seasons!

Climate and Seasons in Canada

The climate in Canada varies because the country is so large and has many different climates.

Some places experience four distinct seasons with large temperature fluctuations, while others have more moderate fluctuations between the hottest and coldest months.

Back in the prime of the year to travel to Canada. The temperature in Canada in June averages around 20 degreesCelsius.

In Ontario it can be between 25 to 30 degrees, while in British Columbia and on the east coast it is between 10 and 20 degrees. This is a generalization, of course, but it gives you a rough idea.

The average temperature in Canada is in winter at around -10 degrees Celsius. Ontario or Manitoba can experience temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius while Vancouver can experience temperatures as low as 0 degrees.

Eric is from Ontario and they have a lot of jokes about the seasons there. Officially, Ontario has four seasons - but the transition months of spring and autumn are often ridiculous and not really what we know spring and autumn from Europe.

There are seasons like “False Spring” and “Second Summer”. You will understand what we mean by that when you talk to locals.

Best time to travel Canada east coast

To start with, you should know that the east coast of Canada is also known as Atlantic Canada because of the Atlantic Ocean.

There are four smaller provinces - three closer together (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island), and one a little further away (Newfoundland and Labrador).

Therefore, technically these two groups are in two different climates and this affects the weather - Newfoundland is generally colder than the other three.

Generally have New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island have four different seasons. The warmer months are more popular, but of course the hotel prices are also higher. So maybe think about a trip in the fall to!

You can learn more about the PEI and New Brunswick tourism seasons by clicking the links.

There Nova Scotia it can jut out into the Atlantic Ocean too stronger storms in winterand occasionally tropical storms in summer come. Here is the official Nova Scotia tourism website to find out more.

Newfoundland is higher and therefore has a more unpredictable weather and colder winters. It is said that in the July and August come out of hibernation when the weather is warmer.

You can learn more about the seasons on the official tourism website to plan your visit.

The east coast is full of culture with traditional music from the settler days that draws huge audiences year after year. You can't overlook the Celtic influences!

Best time to visit Quebec

Quebec is a province that has very different seasons. This is because the province is huge, similar to Ontario, and extends far into the north of the Arctic.

However, many of the major cities such as Quebec City and Montreal are located in the southern half of the province along the St. Lawrence River. This region is in Summer much warmer, but is in Winter is still very cold.

When you go to Skiing or snowmobiling want to travel to Quebec, theFebruary. If you have the Terraces enjoy and Boat trips want to do on the river you should go by May to September going to have a good time.

Big cities like Montreal can get very crowded in the summer. Here is the Quebec tourism website so you can get an overview.

Best time to visit Quebec City

As always, the best time to go to Quebec City depends on what you want to do. The Summer is nice with a lot of sunshine.

The Winter time is a season full of events. Quebec City is home to some of the oldest parts of Canada (older than the country itself).

That means you will find a lot of European history in Quebec City. The Christmas markets in December are a beautiful attraction that attracts a large number of winter visitors.

in the February is the fun with that Carnival celebration further. This huge festival of snow and ice is celebrated every year and has its own mascot, Bonhomme!

The weather is cold, but there are many ways to warm up. If you plan to visit during this time, be sure to book your Quebec City accommodation in advance! You can find out more about the carnival here!

Best time to visit Montreal

Montreal is a big city. The best travel time is the low season from May June and September October. This is because the summer is nice and warm, but then it can be very expensive and crowded.

You can do exactly the same activities in the off-season as in the summer, such as hiking up Mont Royal or exploring the river in Old Montreal in spring or fall.

The Winter can be very cold but still doable with the right clothing. The cold weather does not take the life of the Montreal residents. We were in Montreal in the winter and even though it was very cold we were outside a lot. We just made sure we had plenty of "warm-up breaks".

Montreal hosts many music festivals throughout the year. One of the biggest is that Osheaga Music Festival, which is published annually in August takes place.

Every year the parks are filled with tens of thousands of people who enjoy an incredible number of concerts by well-known and unknown artists in the summer sun. You can read more about Osheaga on the official website.

There are also Events in winter as theIgloofest- an outdoor music festival in late January. Eric was there once and would highly recommend that you put on warm clothes!

If you're looking for somewhere to stay in Montreal, check out our Montreal Accommodation Guide. For Montreal tips, we recommend our articles about a perfect day in Montreal and what to see in Montreal!

Best time to visit Ontario

Ontario - Eric's home - has a contrasting climate and varying weather because of the Great Lakes. In general, the temperatures in the south and north of the province are similar.

The Summers in Ontario can be hot and humid be but July August Spending in a holiday home by the lake or on the beach is what makes Heat and high humidity bearable.

The autumn brings the amazing fall colors and the popular wine regions such as Prince Edward County and Niagara on the Lake are popular destinations.

Winter in Ontario offers thanks to the Snow skiing, snowmobiling and many other activities in different cities like Ottawa and Toronto.

Depending on where you are going, that is Spring pretty miserableas the insects are terrible and it is generally quite rainy.

Northern Ontario (Sudbury and above) has early snow, it can take longer to get warm in summer and there is there a lot more insects (especially mosquitoes).

The fishing is amazingly good and the wilderness is great for camping and canoeing. The Summer can be nice and warm but it is shorter than in the south.

Best time to visit Toronto

Toronto has many different "best" seasons. Do you want to enjoy a beer and the sun on the terrace? The "patio season" begins as soon as the sun shines and the floor is in May dry and lasts over theJuly and August in until it is in autumn gets cooler again.

Toronto will cold in winter, but often gets because of Lake Ontario not much snow. The snow that falls makes the city slushy in winter.

There are Christmas markets in the Distillery District and Ice skating at Nathan Philips Square, however people generally visit Toronto in the warmer months (May - September).

You can read more about things to do in Toronto in our Toronto Attractions Post and find suitable accommodation with the help of our neighborhood and hotel guide! If you only have one day in Toronto, we recommend this article!

Best time to visit Ottawa

Canada's capital, Ottawa, is a great place to visit all year round. The Summer months from May to August are very pleasant.

This is the perfect time to visit the city's many bars and pubs. The autumn brings the colorful leaves with, but winter is difficult to predict.

Although the Winter in Ottawa VERY cold is - down to -30 degrees Celsius with wind - Ottawa is a Mecca for winter activities. Ottawa has that second longest ice rink in the world on the frozen Rideau Canal that meanders through town.

The city also hosts a major winter festival called Winterlude, which is held in the February takes place.

If you're planning a trip to Ottawa, check out our other articles about it:

Best time to visit Niagara Falls, Canada

As with most places in Ontario, it's best to go to Niagara Falls between May and September to visit.

The warmer the weather, the more crowded the attractions and accommodations are - but it's still a good time to be outside.

In winter, of course, Niagara Falls is still there - it's just a little colder. Ice formation can be fascinating.

New Year's Eve is also a popular time to visit Niagara Falls as the fireworks are known around the world. Here is the information you will need to plan a visit for the winter fireworks display.

If you want to visit Niagara Falls, also check out these articles:

Best time to visit Manitoba and Saskatchewan

The weather in Manitoba can be as complicated as Ontario. Generally they are Summer hot but not humid and very short.

The best time for you Visiting Manitoba for hiking, fishing, and camping is July and August. The winter can with up to -40 degrees get very cold at night.

During the day, the temperature in winter is around -15 degrees Celsius. You should keep in mind that Manitoba is also really big - with the northernmost parts near the Arctic. Here is the Manitoba tourism website.

Saskatchewan has interesting weather. Because it is so shallow and away from large bodies of water, they are Summer very hot and dry and the Bitter cold winter.

Although Saskatchewan has plenty of sunshine in the summer, there is in the summer months June to August more rain, with thunderstorms and tornadoes occurring rather rarely.

Still, most of the visitors choose this Summer months for their visits and activities. An alternative could be the Low season from April-May and September-October be.

The temperatures are pleasant and the drastic summer weather is then no problem. Autumn usually stays pleasantly warm due to the warmer winds in the region.

You can visit the Saskatchewan tourism website to learn more.

Best time to travel Alberta

Alberta is full of beautiful landscapes and different climates - from the plains for cattle breeding to desert wastelands, rich forests and the Rocky Mountains to the west. This is why it can be difficult to choose the best time to visit.

Generally speaking, they are suitable warmer months for many activities in the lakes and mountains. This means, June to September is a good time to visit Alberta.

If you afterWinter sports activities feel like you should visit the Months from February to April embarrassed, because there is still snow, but it is no longer bitterly cold.

Best time to visit Calgary

Realistically, you can go to Calgary anytime between May and the end of September visit. April and October are considered the low season.

During this time you could of course have a nice vacation - BUT there is a chance that it will snow.

The Winter is full of snow and unpredictable - but if you want snow for winter sports, you should Mid to late Januaryconsider.

One of the biggest festivals in Canada is the Calgary Stampede in July. Then Calgary is full of western events, rodeos, lots of people, high prices and fully booked accommodations.

Here is the official Stampede website. Book your accommodation in advance if you are in Calgary at this time.

Best time to visit the Canadian Rockies

The best time to visit the Canadian Rockies "The Rockies" is Summer months from June to September. At this time, the national parks are a popular destination.

This is also the best time to visit Banff or Jasper National Park, if you are planning on doing so. However, the off-season is also suitable hereMay or Octoberas you can avoid the crowds and high prices.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to ski, you should between February and Apriltravel to the Rockies.

Best time to visit British Columbia

British Columbia (usually referred to as "BC") is a large province like its neighbors - from the mountains inland to a vast Pacific coast.

The best time to visit British Columbia therefore depends on your activities.

In the There is quite a lot of snow in Bergen in winter. To at the same time it rains on the coast.

Inland and in the north, summer allows hiking, exploring dense forests and canoeing through the province. So for BC it really comes down to it!

Best time to visit Vancouver

The best time to visit Vancouver is relatively clear compared to the rest of the province. This is because Vancouver has a very rainy marine climate Has. Hence the Summer is the best time to travelfor Vancouver.

The Sommer do not get too hot (like in Ontario) with an average temperature just under 20 degrees Celsius.

The winters don't get freezing and stay comfortable at around 0 degrees Celsius, but rainy. Of course there are fluctuations. A little snow is not excluded. You should still be wearing a rain jacket just in case.

We also wrote a post about things to do in Vancouver and the best places to stay in Vancouver in case you are more interested in the city.

Best time to visit Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island is a real anomaly when it comes to British Columbia weather. That's understandable, however - it's an island and not even connected to the mainland.

Of course the climate will be different! Vancouver Island experienced mild and dry summers. The warm weather makes surfing and the beach popular activities and destinations. At this time, therefore, many people flock to the picturesque island.

The best advice we got from locals is im Spring or autumn (mainly September)to travel there.

That's because the temperatures are cooler but still comfortable and there aren't that many people on the island. in the Spring (April-May) rain showers can occur, but a good raincoat can help.

If you're a craft beer fan, you should consider visiting Victoria in September for the Great Canadian Beer Festival!

This is the longest running craft beer only festival in Canada and has been around for over 25 years!

Best time to visit Canadian Territories

The territories are the northernmost parts of Canada.Although there is tourism, the territories are nowhere near as often visited as other parts of Canada.

Yukon, Northwest Territory and Nunavut extend over a huge area and several climatic zones. There you will find dense, dense forest, snow-capped mountains, raging rivers and freezing arctic tundra.

Up there they can Summer hot will and many manyBring mosquitos. Eric was in Northern Ontario (which is much further south than the Territories) years ago and even there the mosquitoes were the size of small birds - and that's not even an exaggeration.

The Summer in Yukon is short and it can be very snow early. However, the fishing, canoeing, and hiking up there is great.

Apply in winter Yellowknife and Whitehorse - the capitals of the Northwest Territories and Yukon - as global top locations for the northern lights.

Winter may be cold, but any guided tour will ensure you are warm enough. However, airfares can be quite high - depending on how many visitors want to see the Northern Lights.

A visit to the spring means there are fewer insects, cooler temperatures and lower air fares than winter and summer. Just to give you a complete overview!

And there you have it - a brief but detailed breakdown of the top regions and the best times to visit parts of Canada.

As mentioned earlier, there is no easy answer - and the best time to visit Canada depends a lot on what you want to spend, see and do. Hopefully this guide is a good template to help you plan your visit.

As always, happy waddling!

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