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Gorgeous balcony decoration - 10 best ideas for small balconies

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A small balcony - especially in apartments in big cities - is a perfect place to relax. However, designing a small balcony could be more difficult than it looks. Because of this, you have to think about the right plan. Are you wondering how to decorate a balcony and how to use space creatively? We have prepared some inspirations and little balcony ideas to inspire you and help you decorate your own balcony.

Idea of ​​a small balcony - a reading corner

A small balcony is often perceived as a space with few options. In reality, however, it just takes a little creativity to create a really interesting and useful space. Are you wondering how to decorate a small balcony in an apartment? Are you a book lover? Fantastic! You can turn it into a reading corner. Even a little space is enough to create a space for two people.

All you need is one small table and two chairsto create a place of relaxation with a book. How about armchairs instead of chairs? Consider getting synthetic wicker furniture that looks good and is weatherproof.

A hammock on a small balcony

Do you want to relax after a long day? There are balcony ideas that you are sure to appreciate - how a hammock on a balcony. It's a great option for those who like to nap in the afternoon.

There are many models of hammocks on the market. Finding a hammock that fits the size of your balcony and your own preferences shouldn't be a problem. You can use any color choose one that matches the rest of the equipment.

If you have a balcony garden with lots of plants - palm trees, dracaenas, and ivy - choose a white linen hammock with boho-style ornaments. This allows you to come up with a design that looks like a hotel room in an exotic country - you will feel like you are on vacation every day.

A small balcony in an apartment - choose the power of plants

Plants always go well with home furnishings - regardless of whether you have a small balcony or a larger terrace. Before deciding on a particular type, you should estimate how much space you have for your balcony garden. In this way, you can determine whether you can hang flower pots on the railing or place additional plant stands in different places on the balcony.

Flowering plants look beautiful in an urban landscape and make them look more alive. A balcony designed in this way is sure to attract the attention of all passers-by.

When choosing balcony plants, pay attention not only to the space available, but also to the location of your balcony. Not all plants like high levels of sunlight, and some don't grow in shade either.

Ideas for a small balcony - hot tub on the balcony

Can you afford a completely crazy idea? How about a small balcony with a jacuzzi? Contrary to popular belief, these modern devices don't necessarily take up a lot of space. There are small hot tub models on the market. So, unless you have plans for another facility - an idea like this can probably be realized.

If you decide to install a hot tub on your balcony, it is a good idea to discuss this with an interior designer and a company that will carry out the project. It is better to choose high quality equipment with a special case. This way the device will be safe in winter - you don't risk any damage.

A small balcony in an apartment - a shady place to relax

You don't like too much sun, but still like to relax on a balcony? In this case, you should choose practical equipment. A umbrella is the basic element - its size should match the size of your equipment. This way, you can treat yourself to a cool shade for comfortable relaxation.

If you don't like the idea of ​​a parasol, you can get one Special tent choose one that is suitable for all conditions - so it is also perfect for a small balcony.

Designing a balcony with a marquee is not always possible. A balcony in an apartment and any changes to it often require housing association approval. It can happen that you cannot change the shape of the building or its surface. In such a case, you only have a parasol.

Vegetables and herbs - a fantastic idea for a small balcony

Do you like healthy vegetables? Can't imagine eating a meal without adding some free herbs? You don't have to go grocery shopping every time you need your favorite plants. ** A small balcony is a perfect place for your own vegetable garden **.

You have two options - one of which is traditional flower pots. You can line them up against the wall or hang them from the railing (remember to secure the pot so it doesn't fall). However, if you want a more creative idea for a small balcony, you can Build a vertical construction - for example from a wooden pallet. This allows you to plant different vegetables and herbs at each level of construction. This way you can get a bigger harvest in the same amount of space, perfect for your kitchen.

Inexpensive balcony decoration - use pallet furniture

Your budget is quite limited and you fear that your balcony design will look different from what you expect? Are you wondering whether there are certain elements that you should do without? Do not worry! All you need is a good little balcony idea and your own creativity.

Pallets are the perfect option - they are cheap and you can use them to create a lot of interesting objects such as sofas and benches. All you have to do is put the pallets together and use ordinary pillows.

Balcony pallet furniture has been quite popular in recent years. Their advantage is the fact that they are very cheap to manufacture. You can also adapt them perfectly to the available space. It's a perfect idea for a very small balcony design.

A swing - a perfect idea for a small balcony

Would you like to travel back in time to your childhood? You want to relax in the fresh air, and your balcony is really tiny. A swing could be an ideal option. Hanging chairs have been very popular lately. They were used both indoors at home, on balconies, and in public spaces such as boho-style restaurants.

Are you wondering why a swing is perfect for a small balcony? First of all, it is in reality a 2in1 Design. You can use a folding chair and a small table every day. When you want to relax, simply fold the chair and hang the hanging chair on the hook, which is firmly attached to the balcony above you. It is also an ideal option for those who cannot decide on a solution and who like change.

Wooden floor on a small balcony - inspiration from nature

** The usual standard for balcony floors is concrete or tile. ** It is of course a great solution that is also exceptionally easy to clean. However, it does not always fit the general concept. For this reason, many homeowners often choose to put wood or wood-like material on the balcony.

It is a perfect choice if the style of the balcony refers to nature. Pallet furniture, linen cushions, woven ceilings, atmospheric lighting and a wooden floor - these elements create a truly unique climate, even in the center of a big, busy city.

When wondering which material to choose - natural wood or a wood-like finish, there are two important factors to consider. Natural wood is more expensive and more difficult to keep in the right condition. It needs more frequent and thorough maintenance. Because of this, most experts state that in this case, synthetic material that looks exactly like wood is a better choice.

A small balcony - a place to calm your nerves

A small balcony decoration should contain a general concept that will help you To create a place to relax after a long day of responsibility or to spend the weekend - reading books or eating tasty meals. Make sure the balcony is a cozy place. Pick your favorite pillows and blankets. Prepare a place for a cup of coffee or scented candles.

See how to plant a lavender and use it as a beautiful balcony decoration or choose other plants for your balcony garden.

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