What are some good books on math

Adaptive learning system for math

  • School mathematics for grades 4 to 11
  • Mathematics for apprenticeships
  • Tasks for every learning goal and every level of learning
  • Automatic evaluation
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As diverse as your lessons

The adaptive math books from bettermarks can be used in a variety of ways. Especially for individual practice phases in class and homework.

School book

Introductions, exercises for prior knowledge and content for project work support a wide range of possible applications.

work book

Over 2,000 exercises with 100,000 different tasks offer sufficient content for internal differentiation.

Homework tool

The assignment of exercises and the automatic evaluation make correcting homework very efficient.

Aha effects guaranteed

There are no dead ends at bettermarks! It starts with the right introduction: there is a suitable task for every type of learner. Newbies start with guided tasks, which are followed by more difficult tasks step by step. During the processing, the students are never left alone. There are various aids available to support him before, during and after the task is solved. And if the help does not help, bettermarks automatically suggests exercises to close knowledge gaps. So everyone can learn independently at their own pace.

Detection of misconceptions

Bettermarks reacts to errors with targeted and constructive feedback.

"Not right" doesn't have to be wrong

bettermarks recognizes the right approaches and provides helpful food for thought.

This is what teachers say about bettermarks

When I explained new things to my class and they did practice assignments afterwards, at least 20 hands were up and I didn't know who to go to. When I hand out exercises at bettermarks today and throw up my hands again, I ask the students to make mistakes, look at the feedback and explanations and just try again. After that there are only three to four hands up and I can take care of them in a targeted manner.

Interactive input tools

Over 100 interactive input tools allow the application of mathematical skills. You can't do that with multiple choice questions.

This is what teachers say about bettermarks

Head / Foundation Louisenlund
Louisenlund uses Bettermarks for the 5th to 10th grade, in particular to strengthen internal differentiation and to further individualise the support of the students.

In our experience, the heterogeneity of the student body in mathematics in the middle school is extremely high in terms of achievement motivation, the level of achievement achieved in each case, as well as the cognitive abilities of learning. Lessons that address such a heterogeneous group with the same tasks at the same pace cannot do the pupils justice. Bettermarks makes it very easy for pupils to put together individual tasks that they pick up at their level and cover the various areas of competence with individual characteristics.