Why does nobody read my fan fiction

The desperation of budding authors, amateur fadisateurs and ingenious inventors of new storylines is almost limitless.

Just imagine - the greatest and most valuable asset of a person (ahem, his thoughts) sticks together, accumulates and at some point comes as a mushy, black pulp on a piece of white paper. Or in our case on a white Word document, a website or the devil knows where to stick it. The black stuff is usually formed into more, but sometimes less legible letters, put together and squeezed into a small field.
The story is then uploaded with a short confirmation click.

So the author sits excitedly in front of the screen, searches it with his eyes, bites his lower lip and waits eagerly drooling for the first alert. He'd have better put on a helmet! The first emails that are thrown at him because the incredibly well thought-out story has so many questions, the characters are so fantastic and every sentence is perfect, spelling and grammar are virtually infallible. Yes, one would like to believe that.

Reality: Unfortunately, there are no entries even after 2 weeks.

Dear writers, let us readers do the educational work for once.

Note: This is really not intended to offend anyone ... In case you feel attacked ...
well : D and yeah, I know this is showing up here as a hands-on story. So come on with suggestions, suggestions and tips;)
PS: Most of the examples come from the anime / manga area.
To protect all desperate writers:
Put on your helmet, take cover under the table and don't forget your safety glasses. Take a ration of inspiration food with you.
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