What are the best night clubs in Singapore

Nightlife and party in Singapore

Anyone expecting a party comparable to that in Bangkok or Saigon from Singapore will be disappointed. The nightlife is long in Singapore too, but the high prices mean that bars and nightclubs are popular with affluent locals and expats in particular. In most nightclubs, entrance fees of a good S $ 20 (12 euros) are initially due and cocktails also cost S $ 15-25. You can get a beer for 10 dollars (just under 6 euros). You won't find any backpacker miles like Khao San Road in Singapore.

Nightlife on the Singapore River

If money is not an issue, Singapore's Colonial District is a great place to get some local partying. Clarke Quay, Boat Quay and Marina Bay are home to some of Singapore's most famous and popular clubs, including Zouk on Jiak Kim Street, Home Club on Riverwalk, Attica on Clarke Quay and Zirca on River Valley Road . The new hit in Singapore is beer - or rather, microbreweries like Brewerkz, Level 33 and the Archipelago Brewery. Homesick people can visit the Paulaner Brewery in Times Square and comfort themselves with Oktoberfest beer.

Best cocktail in Singapore

The best place to go for a sophisticated cocktail are the rooftop bars, from which you can enjoy an unbelievably beautiful view of “Singapore by Night”. The latest hit is called 1 Altitude and is located on the 63rd floor of the Raffles Place skyscraper. Loof, the Lantern with its beautiful pool and the Ku De Ta Club Lounge in the SkyPark at Marina Bay Sands are also very popular.

The nightlife is also very popular in Marina Bay, where the Pangea Singapore in the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and the Crystal Pavilion have established themselves as new party hotspots - albeit at the usual prices.


Party in Little India?

Little India with its cheapest hostels is the closest thing the island nation has to offer, comparable to a backpacker district. Accordingly, one can discover many inexpensive bars and cafes in the local nightlife, including the Australian pub "Prince of Wales", the Zsofi Tapas Bar, the Countryside Cafe and the Jibbers Jabbers on Campbell Lane, which is reminiscent of the good old flower power days of the Hippies remembered. In these bars there are already whole pitcher Tiger Beer for S $ 12 and similar offers. Unfortunately, it doesn't get any cheaper here.