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Agronomist: A seminal course in agriculture

There are a number of interesting occupations in agriculture that make it an interesting field of activity for people with the most varied of skills and qualifications. In addition to the traditional apprenticeships, for example agro-merchant or agro-merchant, there are also more and more advanced training courses and even degree programs. The agronomist degree is such a degree in agriculture that offers graduates a varied and promising field of work. Bachelors in agronomy act as experts in agriculture as important contacts, consultants, researchers and reporters.

They support farmers with their questions about the future of their business, they are in favor of breeding new plants and researching better feeding methods. In addition, agronomists are concerned with improving animal genetics, working on the opening of new markets and informing the public about all important innovations relating to agriculture. Since this spectrum is very extensive, each student chooses a specialization during their studies to make their focus. In the Agronomy Bachelor’s course, there are currently options for specializations in equine sciences, agriculture, livestock sciences, international agriculture and plant sciences. We reserve the right to make changes at any time.

Anyone who is interested in this job as an agronomist is guaranteed a variety of challenges and variety. However, in order to be admitted to a course at all, certain requirements must be met. Always clarify the individual admissions with the respective school and inquire early on whether you may have to complete a pre-study internship that can last up to a year. You can get more detailed information about admission requirements, the structure of the agronomist degree, selectable specializations and all other important information directly from the respective agricultural schools, which you can easily contact here viabildung-Weiterbildung.ch.

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