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The Gift (episode)

The gift

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"The gift" (in the original:"The Gift") is the seventh episode of the fifth season ofgame of Thrones and the forty-seventh of the entire series. The episode was directed by Miguel Sapochnik.


Jon Snow (Kit Harington) embarks on a controversial mission. Meanwhile, Stannis Baratheon (Stephen Dillane) gets into trouble on his campaign against the south. In Winterfell, Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) desperately asks Theon (Alfie Allen) for help after their wedding. In King's Landing Margaery Tyrell (Natalie Dormer) and her brother Loras (Finn Jones) are in dungeon because of their sins. And then even Queen Mother Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey) gets in the sights of the High Sparrow (Jonathan Pryce).

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At the wall

At the wall, Jon Schnee breaks up with Tormund to make a pact with the wildlings. He appoints Ser Allisar Thorn as deputy lord commander and he accepts good wishes and some obsidian daggers from Sam, pointing out that they are useful against white walkers.

Later, Samwell Tarly and Goldy are at the sickbed of MaesterAemon, who, in a delirious state, thinks little Sam is his little brother Aegon. Both insist on staying with him until he dies, which is what happens during the night.

In the morning Sam gives the funeral oration for Maester Aemon in front of the body, which is laid out to be cremated. Ser Allisar whispers to him that he is running out of friends.

Taking advantage of this, two brothers try to take Goldy by force. Sam defends them with everything he can mobilize, but has to take a lot. While he is still ready, despite obvious inferiority, to threaten the two, Jons direwolfGeist surprisingly stands by his side, who succeeds in driving away the attackers. Goldy takes care of Sam's wounds and that night they sleep together for the first time.

In the North

In Winterfell, TheonSansa brings food to her room, where she tells him she's been locked up there all day and Ramsay hurts her every night. Theon suggests simply surrendering so as not to make things worse. In Sansa's opinion, things couldn't get any worse. He knows better, though, and reminds you that he's now a stinker. But Sansa perseveres and implores him to light the signal from the candle in the destroyed tower for her. Theon staggered through the snowstorm and ended up in Ramsay's office to report to him.

Ramsay summons Sansa into the courtyard and greets her with flattery about her beauty. Then he strolls on and explains that he wants to defeat Stannis and become the guardian of the north, with her as Lady von Winterfell and guardian. Sansa adds that his stepmother, Walda, is pregnant and can give birth to a legitimate heir. When Ramsay says he's also legitimized, Sansa replies that Tommen Baratheon is just a bastard too. Ramsay does not contradict this, but holds that bastards can go far, like their own bastard brother Jon Schnee and surprises them slightly triumphantly with the opening of this is now Lord Commander of the Night's Watch. The real reason for this meeting, however, is to show her the faithful "Woman of the North" whom he skinned because of Sansa's attempt to escape. Sansa fights back tears when Ramsay has her locked in her room again, telling her to watch out for her candles.

Stannis and his army landed in a dead end due to the snowstorm that had arisen. Ser Davos tries to persuade Stannis to return to the Black Fortress with reference to already large, supply-related losses. Stannis, however, rejects the suggestion that he had already called for a retreat with the hint in King's Landing and that he did not want to acquire the reputation of being a king on the run. His relentless slogan is: You can only move forward to victory or defeat, no matter what the cost.

When Ser Davos leaves the tent, Stannis turns to Melisandre and her visions. She points out to him that he himself saw what happened in the fire, but he does not know what he saw. She saw him walking in the corridors of Winterfell and pulling down the banner of the crucified one. Stannis is still unsure, but she implores him to believe in the signs he saw when she burned Gendry's blood in the form of leeches and Joffrey Baratheon and Robb Stark died. Stannis replies that Robert's bastard is not here, to which she points out that there is someone who is even better suited, since Stannis' blood is flowing through her veins. Stannis understands that Sharin is to be sacrificed and disgusts Melisandre.

In thorns

In Dorne, Prince Doran MartellAreo Hotah instructs Myrcella to be led to Jaime in order to clear up any misunderstandings. Jaime asks her about Trystan's condition and she says he'll be back. She does not understand what the action should be for and receives the answer that her mother Cersei is worried that it is not safe enough for her in Dorne. But she never asked to be sent to Dorne, but now this is her home and she loves Prince Trystan and intends to marry him. Jaime replies that he doesn't quite understand what she is responding to, of course not, because he doesn't know her at all and leaves the room without waiting for an answer.

In Essos

Jorah Mormont and Tyrion Lannister are brought up for auction. There Jorah is touted by the slave driver with very decorative words and is auctioned for a good price. Tyrion fears that, apart from Jorah, he will not be able to survive long. So he convinced the bidder that he too was a good fighter. In order to demonstrate, he succeeds in breaking free from his overseer. So it too is being bought at a ridiculous price.

Daario Naharis and Daenerys Targaryen are lying in bed together and Daario asks when the King of Meereen will take his pillow from him. Daenerys assures him that the marriage was purely political, but Daario believes the harpy's sons have only withdrawn because their leader is now king. Daenerys laughs and thinks Daario is just jealous, but Daario warns her that while this is a reason he might be right anyway. Daenerys wants to marry Hizdar because she cannot defeat her enemies inside and outside at the same time. Daario suggests that she marry him instead. She thinks she has no choice about her marriage and Daario breaks away from her and says she is probably the only one in Meereen who is not free. He advises her to round up and execute all masters on the day of the games. However, Daenerys does not want to be a butcher and refuses. Her lover then explains to her that all kings are either butchers or meat.

Jorah and Tyrion are led to a preliminary battle, which Daenerys, much to her reluctance, also attends. Jorah doesn't want to fight at first, but when he sees her, he storms out and defeats one opponent after the other without being recognized. Tyrion takes advantage of this moment and tries to loosen his chains, but is caught. But the jailer breaks Tyrion's chains and lets him go. When Jorah reveals himself, Daenerys wants to lead him away, but Tyrion presents himself as the gift announced by Jorah and reveals his name.

In King's Landing

Olenna Tyrell visits the High Sparrow in the Great Septe of Baelor. He is mopping the floor and Olenna sneers that this whole man-of-the-people scam is dreary and untrustworthy. She accuses him of doing Cersei's dirty work and demands the release of her grandchildren. However, the High Sparrow sternly declares that every lord and fisherman will be punished for breaking a sacred oath to the father. She tries to bribe him, but he does not respond and explains that he only serves the gods and that he follows her commands, which he receives from the Book of Seven. She accuses him of only punishing Loras and Margaery, even though he lives among thieves and murderers and half of the city breaks the holy laws. She openly threatens to starve the city and blame him for it. The High Septon just laughs at this, reminding her that she has never planted a grain and that she is one of the few who has it all. He threatens her that the many might stop fearing the few and asks her what will happen to her then. When leaving the sept, Olenna receives a message with the seal from Petyr Baelish.

She meets him in his brothel and looks at the seven-pointed star smeared on the walls and the destruction around her. Annoyed by his return, she threatens if House Tyrell goes under she will take him with her. When she has nothing left to lose, she will reveal him as a contributor to Joffrey Baratheon's murder. Littlefinger reports that he had no choice because Cersei called for him. She wanted information that only he had and that he could not withhold from her. But his and Olenna's interests are the same and he offers her a handsome young man as a present to destroy Cersei. Tommen is desperate and starves to protest. Cersei tries to calm her son down, but Tommen becomes more and more desperate about the fact that as king he cannot do anything to help Margaery. He threatens to attack the Septe and kill anyone against him. Cersei warns that Margaery will be the first to be murdered in an attack on the Septe. She promises him to take care of the rescue of Margaery and Loras Tyrell. Tommen and Myrcella are the last thing left to her and she is ready to burn cities down for him. The two embrace crying. Cersei pays Margaery a visit to the cell, claiming that her long stay has confused her mind. Margaery accuses Cersei that the sparrows acted on her orders and refuses to eat the food that Cersei brought with them.

She leaves the cell with a smile and discusses the further negotiations between the two Tyrells with the high sparrow, when he suddenly changes the subject and says that a new member of the sparrows could have told a lot about Cersei Lannister. Their cousin, Lancel Lannister, keeps them company. Cersei wants to go, but Septa Unella blocks her way and eats the loudly protesting queen into a cell with the help of another septa. Before she leaves, Cersei demands to look her in the face and make a careful note of it as it will be the last thing she will see. Unella locks the cell and leaves.