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Music producer training

Your favorite artist has just released another bombshell album, with great sound and fantastic sales. How does he do that? And why don't you succeed? In this guide to music producer training, we get to the bottom of the job description of the music producer and give an insight into job opportunities and the music producer salary.

Music producer: training or studying? What job opportunities are waiting for you and how much salary you can expect later. We clarify.

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Apprenticeship as a music producer: long and expensive?

You have the choice between studying for seven semesters at a college or university or undergoing training at a private institute within twelve months. An apprenticeship as a music producer takes just as long as in most other areas. But the training opportunities to become a producer are extremely diverse.

As a music producer, your main focus is on sound engineering. It is therefore important that your music equipment is adapted to your needs. In terms of costs, it does not make up the lion's share of your training. However, here, as everywhere, there are no upper limits to the costs.

The basic equipment with equipment for the music producer training is below the price for the same.

Music producers can be found in many areas

As diverse as the options are for training as a producer, the options for finding a job afterwards are just as numerous, provided that you want to be employed at all.

Since the focus of the training to become a music producer is in the field of sound engineering, it is not surprising that the professional field of the producer is very similar to that of the audio engineer.

Areas in the music producer education

  • Sound design
  • Music publishers and record labels
  • Songwriter for artists and bands
  • Music, film, TV and dubbing studios
  • Music composition
  • Post production, film scoring and film composition
  • Mastering
  • advertising
  • Software and game industry
  • Art and culture events

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Do music producers work with a fixed salary or on a commission?

As well ... as. There is no general information on the salary of a music producer or even tariffs. In general, the music producer's salary is between 2,500 euros and 4,000 euros per month. But the earnings fluctuate greatly, these figures seem too high. Often at the beginning you earn much less and have to work pro bono.

As an employed music producer, you can end up with a large label with a corresponding fixed salary and possible commission payments and have your monthly income.

Or you can remain an independent, creative music producer. Then you look for an unknown talent and build it up. If you secure all rights in advance and your talent takes off, then you can earn a golden nose with it.

Music Producer and their duties

The music producer is the director in the music.

Well, let's take a look at the essential tasks of a producer. What is he doing now exactly? If he was sitting in the recording studio and the artists only came to record, he would be an audio engineer.

The music producer ...

  • seeks and develops talent
  • takes on the role of mediator between record label and artist
  • bears commercial responsibility for artist and work
  • decides on the admission budget (if not the label)
  • concludes exclusive artist contracts

In the production phase ...

  • he creates the recording schedule
  • he books and organizes the recording session in the recording studio
  • he monitors the placement of all hardware necessary for the recordings
  • he decides on new takes
  • he determines the takes permitted for mixing and mastering
  • he pays the sound engineers and studio musicians

After completion of the work, it goes to the marketing. For this it is now necessary to contact record labels and find someone there who will press the work and bring it to the man (or woman).

The music producer leads a shadowy life

Usually the name of the music producer is not known to the average person anyway, or not as the producer himself.
A Dieter Bohlen is (unfortunately) the exception.

Tip: always keep it in the background.

High goals are good, but flying high is counterproductive and can damage your career in the long term. It is even advisable to stay in the background as a producer, because bad publicity sticks to you like chewing gum under your shoe. Therefore, you should always pay close attention to the quality of your work before it goes public

Music producer Rick Rubin - successful behind the scenes

Rick Rubin is one of the most successful, cross-genre music producers of this time. But hardly anyone, apart from attentive delamar readers and insiders, knows the name of the man who has contributed significantly to the success of artists such as Eminem, Metallica, Lady Gaga or Lana Del Rey (to name just a few). For over 30 years he has been producing hit after hit in a wide variety of musical styles.

Rick Rubin Achievements & Credits

Conclusion on the music producer training

It is not your studies at the university that make you a music producer, but a feeling for what the music scene needs at the moment. You don't learn success in your studies.
Many works by successful producers were created without them having completed a degree.

Reading tip: tasks of a music producer

Hard work, a sure instinct for the artist, flexibility and recognition value are necessary qualities. But just as essential is the collaboration with everyone involved in the creation and marketing. Don't get stuck on an artist, recording studio, label, or genre. Be willing to experiment!