How does the NexMoney wallet work

Organize your money with a K'nex Money Clip!

Step 5: Step 1: Making the Base Step 2: Making the Top Step 3: Add the Top to the Base Step 4: Adding Rubber Bands! Step 5: you are done!

Have money but don't like that a wallet? Do you have some K'nex lying around in your closet? Well it's time to take 'em out, cause guess what is trending now ... one cause K'nex money clip!
For those who don't know, a money clip is basically a device used to keep your money and / or credit cards in one compact way to keep. It makes perfect sense there it's not a bulky one like a wallet and keeps your money firmly in place.
So now it's time to make your very own "K'nex Money Clip" to do!
Here are some features of the K'nex money clip:

    Super compact so it's easy to fit in your pocket! Can hold up to 20 notes folded in half! You can adjust the holding force as it works on a rubber band! It's long lasting!

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Did you know: Money clips are made not only of metal but also of carbon fiber (this is very rare). The magnetic money clip is usually encased in leather by two strong flat, rectangular or round magnets, with a small piece of leather between the two pieces and allowing them to pivot in a closed and open position. And now, we all know that they can become K'nex;)

Step 2: making the top

  1. Now to make the top of the clip. This part will help you prevent your money from falling out of its socket. This step is very easy too!