How is my current investment portfolio

Conclusion from the pension comparison

Fig. Own illustration: From the individual share to the financial concept

A share example Volkswagen:
If you put € 10,000 in the Volkswagen share investing hurts you 50% price loss solid.

3 shares example Volkswagen, Daimler, BMW:
If you spread something wider and all 3 German car manufacturers If you buy in equal parts, you will only lose 16,7%.But that's not enough, because the diesel scandal also dragged down the other two German car manufacturers.

Lots of stocks Example: All automakers in the world:
But if you do Shares of all automakers in the world buy, has the Volkswagen crisis no effect more on your total return. Why? The prices fall when investors are already pricing in falling sales figures due to bad news by selling some of their shares. What is doing Mustermann family, who was actually planning to buy a Volkswagen Diesel? You probably really don't buy a VW anymore because the press confuses you. But isn't that why you're buying a car? The need is there and will be met. For example, you choose a Toyota. Toyota is also in your "car manufacturer industry fund". Investors are now pricing in the expected increase in sales at Toyota. The loss of Volkswagen will have a positive effect on the other automakers.The negative impact of the VW crisis on your carmaker portfolio is thus completely offset due to the constant demand for cars. With that you have already diversified well.

You can with her Car manufacturer funds only lose long-term if a new industry takes over shares. For example, the Technology industry flying cars develop, causing the prices of car manufacturers to collapse by 50%. This is the risk at a "Industry fundβ€œ

Fund portfolio of various funds from various industries worldwide:
But if you do all industries in your Portfolio represented, the problem is resolved according to the same logic. Of course you lose 50% of the market value of all car manufacturers in your portfolio, but they take it Technology stocks in your Portfolio by the same 50% of automakers again to.

With the global fund portfolio you can only lose in the long term if you have to sell your shares during a major global economic crisis due to private liquidity bottlenecks.

Financial concept effect the fund portfolio is integrated into a financial concept:
With a well-crafted Finance concept will be your liquidity at any time ensured be. Should stick to your personal Financial situation something to change, be timely and at a good time Assets redistributed. Now if you have another Contact Person who will save you from panic sales by giving you the "fear" at any time information takes, nothing more can happen to you.

The secret of the right investment in Germany in 2021 is therefore the right financial concept!