How often do you read books

What do you read every day

For some time now, the media we read on have been changing, newspapers and books are no longer read only on paper, but on e-book readers and smartphones. We asked ourselves how reading is changing in this environment and what the future of reading looks like. We asked a few designers about this:

1. Which book are you reading right now? How do you like to read it?
2. What do you read every day?
3. What do you think reading will look like in the future?

Joachim Baldauf

When I am out and about, I like the Süddeutsche Zeitung. Otherwise everything that I can get hold of in print or that I come across on the Internet. I also like to deepen interesting topics in a book.

Frank Berzbach

I am a FAZ subscriber and fan, but also often read the SZ in my regular café; From time to time I read ROLLING STONE, JAZZ Thing, Playboy, Psychologie heute, SPEX, Vinyl Stories, the colon magazine and “Sonntag” (both Christian magazines from Switzerland), sporadically the NZZ, Buddhismus aktuell, Merkur, Voices of Time, tattoo magazine.

I take from this media (besides the ad-free radio) information and comments about politics, science and pop culture; I follow reviews and keep myself up to date. Reading the newspaper with an espresso is also my preferred type of break. I'm jealous of Italy and Vienna, where there is a huge selection of newspapers in every café.

Antonia M. Cornelius
Font designer and graphic designer

Every day I read online on the pages of Spiegel, Zeit or Tagesschau.

Judith Drews

Every day I actually only read news on facebook and the latest online news from various portals. We have just canceled reading the daily newspaper in printed form (subscription) because there was simply no time to read a newspaper every day. It often ended up unread in the oven or in the waste paper container.

Now there is a weekly newspaper on Saturdays - always a different one.
I like FLOW magazine very much - just to switch off, get inspiration and see beautiful things.

Unfortunately, the Heritage Post for women appears too seldom - but maybe it is a good thing, because I pay more attention to the individual issues.

However, I like to read aloud every day, several times and with all my heart! How important and beautiful this time together with a child on your lap is for the reader and the listener, I certainly don't need to tell ...

Johannes Erler
Founder of ErlerSkibbeTönsmann

The Süddeutsche Zeitung for a few minutes in the morning. At the weekend, like ZEIT. I have subscribed to the Musikexpress and 11FREUNDE. I also like to check out my son’s kicker.

Then loads of links on Facebook. And in the current times SPON and

By the way, hardly any so-called specialist literature. But of course the PAGE, for which I also write.

Robert Eysoldt
Creative Consultant at Zerooverhead Consulting

I read most of the latest news online and on the go. SPIEGEL ONLINE is my top priority - also because of the mobile push function. If I want to know more about individual topics, I google other perspectives. Sometimes I “chat” with RESI because I find the mediation approach interesting. In cafes or restaurants, however, I also like to pick up daily newspapers and magazines.

Johanna Höflich
Graphic designer

DIE ZEIT is very happy, especially the magazine,
I also like to buy real trash every now and then. To research the design, I also buy great bookazines, indie magazines, etc. - which, admittedly, I buy out of wanting to have and read everything less often.

I read the Vice, Zeit, Spiegel a lot online. And I really enjoy listening to Deutschlandradio Kultur.

Sonja Knecht

Everything I see Street signs. Wall scribbles, advertising. Everything! I can't help it. A lot on Twitter: as a news exchange, trade magazine, text medium in itself. The short form is great. Condensed reality. I follow poets and thinkers, Tagesschau & Co., individual favorite editors from ZEIT, Tagesspiegel, Zitty, Berlin institutions in general, cultural but also my favorite institution BVG, and the police, industry-relevant people / media (also globally and on certain political issues), my favorite colleagues when it comes to text, and of course my favorite language media, especially German. The Goethe-Institut, accounts for particularly long German words, etc. And above all the Duden. And, you know what, - drum roll, flourish, trara! - the dictionary follows me back.

Magazines and newspapers are more of a monthly affair; I regularly read Brandeins, Emma, ​​die Zitty, DIE ZEIT and ZEITMagazin (ZEIT the longest and most, because of the language). I try to at least scan the PAGE and whatever else is lying around in our studio in the form of design media, now and then. I ask my students what, where and how they read (and write), it's an exciting exchange. I look at everything. But more analytical, with a copywriter's eye. I hardly read design, typography or other online platforms. If so, then only (but then in any case) if someone I know as a reasonably reliable source refers to relevant reports via Twitter or FB.

For me, the content has to be good and the language has to be good. Only then will they get me. A good description makes something really good, and interesting writing can make something interesting rather than convey it. Sounds logical and simple, but it isn't. Bad style, sloppy language, bulky or pathetically helpless or even lovelessly edited text ruins everything on the most beautiful website. - Unfortunately, in the entire field of (visual) design it is very seldom about text, reading, writing. Amazingly.

Daniel Kuhlmann

Martin Lorenz
Graphic designer and founder of

News and comments on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Ello, LinkedIn, Xing and Behance, emails, Pdfs, various newspapers via their apps and the paper book in the evening or on the subway.

Nora Marleen

Digital: Spiegel, NZZ and Die Zeit.
Various articles on different platforms that interest me, mainly human behavioral psychology.

Franziska Parschau
Community Relations Manager at Adobe

Daily and weekly newspapers on the Internet, as well as the book for 30–60 minutes in bed every evening. I read about 5–10 books a year. Novels and specialist books.

Daniel Perraudin
Graphic designer and type designer

News, at Spiegel Online or ZEIT Online. I usually don't have the stamina on the monitor for longer articles or dossiers ...

Rüdiger Quass from Deyen
Design Director and founder of KD1FH Münster

I record everything up-to-date through mobile apps. Radio and TV complement my needs.

I don't really want to advertise anything special. I read national newspapers rather selectively on the weekends. During the week, i.e. every day, I simply have no room for it. Magazines are more likely to come into play. It is a sports magazine oriented towards inclination.
But the basic service also includes the mirror ... online as well as analog ... but that also depends on how up-to-date it is. I have to admit that every now and then I ... let's say ... leaf through my wife's "Barbara".

Frank Rausch
User Interface Typographer

I have been visiting the public news service a lot lately. I trust the websites of e.g. Tagesschau and Deutschlandfunk more than many private media outlets. With some private news sites, I have the feeling that sensationalism is being exploited to generate traffic. The practical thing about public service content is that we pay for it with our license fees. That's why we don't have to worry about paywalls, ads or ad blockers or even ad blockers.

I cover my daily need for professionally relevant nerd news with Daring Fireball and MacRumors.

And then there is the endless flood of professionally interesting things that are posted by interesting people on my Twitter stream ... I often need a lot of discipline not to spend all day reading.

Ulrike Rausch
Font designer LiebeFonts

I seldom consume the daily news in print but rather over the ear at breakfast or at work via info radio.

Katrin Rodegast
Paper Art & Illustration

Zeit Online, Spiegel Online and various blogs and Instagram accounts. I also listen to a lot of radio, e.g. Deutschlandradio Kultur, because I think the mix of news and culture is very successful here.

Raban Ruddigkeit
Designer, author and founder of Brousse & Ruddigkeit

Every day I read the digital morning situation of the Tagesspiegel, 50 cm Facebook thread & sometimes I click into a few articles, but they always come from the same media; Welt, Spiegel, Zeit ... No more print editions, sorry.

Jürgen Siebert
Marketing Director Monotype

Daily newspaper (subscription), news magazine (subscription); online: over-media, Twitter and Instagram

Marc Thiele
Founder and organizer of Beyond Tellerrand

I use Reeder on my various devices to read subscribed blogs, websites, online magazines and the like over breakfast. Otherwise, I also like to look at the pages of daily newspapers and look in apps from Tagesschau, heute and co.