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Well thought-out employee case management: More time for strategy development

An active flow of information not only improves the workflow in a company, but also ensures greater satisfaction among employees and HR staff. This is proven by the innovative Employee Case Management from PeopleDoc, which enables the automation of employee inquiries with an individually usable knowledge database.

More efficiency through more independent work

Employee Case Management | PeopleDoc solutions

Most HR departments do not work efficiently. Too much time is wasted answering the same employee questions instead of being resource-efficient. After all, the employees expect an answer immediately - if this is not given, their workflow is also at risk. The solution to the problem is well thought-out Employee Case Management. Ideally, it is linked to an actively usable portal for frequently asked questions. This enables employees to find the answers to their questions themselves without having to call the HR department. This is only switched on for more complex inquiries in order to be able to help employees directly. Thanks to such an approach, the number of inquiries via email and telephone is reduced. If a question should be forwarded to the HR department, in the best case scenario it will go straight to the right employee. At least in theory, perfect employee case management should run like this.

Employee Case Management inspires HR managers

Employee Case Management with PeopleDoc

The modern one proves that this also works in practice Employee Case Management and Employee Portal from PeopleDoc. This software, thought through down to the last detail, gives HR more time for strategy and employee development and ensures greater satisfaction among employees, whose concerns are processed immediately. So that includes Employee Case Management PeopleDoc provides a comprehensive knowledge base, which creates benefits for HR: The way employees get the information they need is changed. The contents of the knowledge database are available to employees for specific target groups. All important information and topics can be found quickly by the employee through targeted search queries. Questions and requests are then forwarded directly to the right contact person in HR.

The automation of inquiries helps the company transform into agile HR and also offers a significantly improved employee experience from which all employees throughout the company benefit: HR managers are enthusiastic because they gain more time for important tasks, and the increased employee satisfaction has an effect have been shown to have a positive effect on corporate goals.

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Employee Case Management

PeopleDoc is known for innovative HR management software that companies use to significantly increase their employee experience. PeopleDoc's in-house developments modernize the entire HR by addressing the needs of HR departments directly. Products such as Employee Case Management are easy to use and therefore achieve above-average acceptance. Always with the aim of optimizing the working methods in the HR department and thus contributing to a better workflow, PeopleDoc's cloud-based technology is always implemented quickly and can be easily adapted to the individual needs of a company - even later, when the Everyday work should result in changes.
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