How many women do not wear pants

Omit underpants - healthy or unhygienic?

From STYLEBOOK | October 23, 2020, 3:52 p.m.

In times of the corona pandemic, we are working more and more in the home office - and with that, more and more cases are falling. The jeans give way to the sweatpants, the pinching bra stays in the closet and the pinching panties have to believe in it too. Once you have got used to the new cosiness, it makes sense to continue doing without underwear in everyday life. But how healthy is it to do without panties? STYLEBOOK asked the expert.

How healthy is it without wearing underpants?

"The vulva every now and then, to let air to breathe" - online there are increasing reports from bloggers and celebrities who deliberately do without underpants. But is it really that safe to leave the panties out? “Underpants are normally there to soak up fluid that escapes from the vagina during the day,” explains the Munich dermatologist Dr. Christoph Liebich. Underwear thus fulfills an important hygienic and protective function for the "particularly sensitive intimate area" according to Liebich. If you wear everyday clothing such as tight-fitting pants without panties, the sensitive skin can be irritated or chafed.

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Leaving out the underpants is "simply unhygienic", according to the expert. Traces of menstrual blood, urine, or other secretions could collect in the crotch without the underpants and lead to vaginal infections or fungus. “I don't see any health benefit from 'below without'”, says Liebig.

Instead of "bottomless" - choose the right material for panties!

Choosing the right material for the panties can promote intimate hygiene. “Cotton underpants are best. They are breathable and can absorb moisture, ”advises the dermatologist. Due to the air permeability, the growth of bacteria is counteracted, so that infections are less likely.

We can still wear beautiful lace applications - but these should be on the edge of the panties and not touch the vagina directly.

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