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4. is there a special ced diet? 4. is there a special ced diet? this question has been asked many times and still has to be answered with a “no”. there is no special “ced diet” or form of food that is suitable for all concerned. the phases of the illness are too different for each individual. Those affected are usually encouraged to find out for themselves what works best for them and what doesn't. In the “practical test”, however, the implementation of this recommendation is not always easy: a meal can prove to be easily digestible on one day, but not on other days. A further complicating factor is that there may be individual food intolerances that must also be taken into account (see also question 9). In addition, it is difficult to assess the time lag between consuming a food and the associated symptoms. It can therefore be helpful to build up a basic knowledge of easily digestible foods and beverages that tend to “flatter” the digestive tract and are summarized under the term “light whole foods” (Tab. 1). Based on this, experience has shown that it is easier to put together an individual menu in everyday life. i have heard of special diets: what should be made of them? the close association between nutrition and ced has led to the development of various diet concepts. However, very few diets have been rigorously scientifically tested, in particular in order to obtain information about the long-term feasibility, the direct influence on disease activity or the frequency of remission. It should be noted that diets and alternative nutrition models can also involve risks. The one-sided omission of certain foods can lead to a lack of important minerals, trace elements or vitamins and the risk of deficiencies in ced is increased. Before starting to try special diets with given restrictions, you should first try to find unfavorable proportions (eg “vegetable stumbling”, “cola junkies”, “fast food fanatics”, “meat is my vegetables”) from the previous one Carefully change your diet into favorable habits. the effect can be unexpectedly positive. → it is therefore best to coordinate with ced-specialist nutrition experts (e.g. ecotrophologists or diet assistants, see the appendix for information) and your doctor before trying a longer-lasting form of diet! eat well in inflammatory bowel disease 4