Why shouldn't I consent to same-sex marriage?

Equality of all couples - "Marriage for All" is postponed again

It's all about this: Switzerland does not allow marriage for same-sex couples (“marriage for all”). Since 2007 they have had the option of registering their partnership. However, this is not associated with the same rights and obligations.

In future, the provisions relating to marriage are also to apply to same-sex couples. Among other things, this leads to equality in terms of naturalization requirements and joint adoption.

These are the points of contention: Access to sperm donation for lesbian couples is particularly controversial. This point could jeopardize the entire template. Opinions also share the adjustments to the survivors' pension.

These are the proponents: The SP, the Greens, the Green Liberals and practically the entire FDP - they have formed the majority in parliament since the last elections.

These are the opponents: Almost the entire SVP and part of the CVP. However, the CVP supports a compromise proposal (the so-called core proposal) which prohibits sperm donation for lesbian couples, but allows marriage for all and the adoption of children.

These are the arguments of the proponents: The main argument is equality and the elimination of discrimination. At the beginning of the debate, Beat Flach (GLP / AG) said that marriage is the simplest civil law contract for regulating many questions, it is an instrument of a liberal society that gives two individuals rights but also obligations. "Withholding this institute only from heterosexual couples is discriminatory and no longer appropriate in a modern society like Switzerland."

The proponents also cite the best interests of the child: there are already 13,000 rainbow children in Switzerland. "Let's give these children and families the protection they need," said SP National Councilor Tamara Funicello (BE) - and advocated adapting the law to reality.

These are the arguments of the opponents: In the opinion of the opponents, the registered partnership is sufficient as a legal framework for same-sex relationships, as also explained by Yves Nidegger (SVP / GE). Pirmin Schwander (SVP / SZ) also argued that a broad public discussion about the concept of marriage should first be conducted - at constitutional level and not at legal level.

The best interests of the child also brought up the opponents. Verena Herzog (SVP / TG) criticized the demand to allow lesbian married couples to donate sperm.

And the Federal Council? The Federal Council also wants same-sex couples to be able to marry - but advocates a gradual implementation of the opening of marriage. An extension to sensitive political issues such as access to reproductive medicine could jeopardize the success of the bill as a whole or delay its entry into force by years, he writes in a statement. This question needs to be examined more closely. To do this, he set up an interdisciplinary group of experts.

So it goes on: The debate was originally intended to continue in the afternoon, but it has been postponed indefinitely. Tamara Funicello tweeted disappointed:

After the detailed consultation, the submission comes to the Council of States. But one thing can already be said: The last word will probably have the electorate, because regardless of whether with or without sperm donation, the small evangelical party EDU has already decided on the referendum against marriage for everyone.