How can more women get into technology?

FiT - women in craft and technology

Would you like a job with prospects in which you earn well? Have you already thought of an apprenticeship in the field of “craft and technology”? Because well-trained specialists are in great demand on the job market - and well paid.

  • Education and training
  • Topic occupation, training and further education

What advantages does a technical job offer you?

  • They earn well - better than in traditional women's professions. Would you like to know more? See for yourself: FiT salary calculator
  • You have good chances on the job market and are prepared for digitization, which will affect almost all professions.
  • Your work is exciting and varied.
  • You usually work in a team and communication is very important.

FiT info film

FiT info film on the numerous technical training opportunities for AMS customers.

How do you know if a technical job is right for you?

Discover your strengths and interests. Consider it:

  • Do you like to use technical devices?
  • Do you like to do handicrafts and tinkering?
  • Do you like to do small repairs yourself?
  • Do you like to solve logic problems like Sudokus?

Which training courses do we sponsor?

What requirements do you have to meet?

  • The FiT program is open to all women who have registered with the AMS as unemployed or looking for work.
  • It is independent of previous education and qualification level

Where can you find out more?

How do we support you?

Profit from:

  • our career orientation courses: overview and content of the many FiT professions
  • an internship: Insight into the technical and manual working world
  • an apprenticeship with a teaching, school, college or university of applied sciences degree
  • Advice and support during your training e.g. B. Learning aid, advice on the compatibility of work and family
  • Unemployment benefit, training allowance, course cost allowance, child care allowance

Ask in your AMS about our information events and subsidies.

Regional information

Funding requirements, funding levels and other details may differ in some federal states. Here you will find specific information about your federal state.

The time is ripe for new professional perspectives!

The AMS NÖ supports you in discovering your technical and craftsmanship strengths and interests, acquiring good training with at least an apprenticeship certificate and implementing them professionally.

Take the step into a new world of work. The skills of women are particularly in demand in the technical and manual professions! Take the chance - now. Talk to your advisor in your regional office!

In the regional FIT centers you will receive:

  • Information and orientation:
    You get an overview of the numerous craft-technical training opportunities and professions, you clarify your goal.
  • Prequalification for a technical-craft training:
    If you are interested in a craft-technical profession, your FiT center will also provide - if necessary - the preparatory basic qualification in those areas that you need for your training and then in your later career.

Regional FiT centers in Lower Austria:





Vocational training

Once you have found your training goal, the AMS will finance your training, which ends with an apprenticeship qualification or a comparable school leaving certificate. Most of the training courses leading to an apprenticeship qualification take the form of “pinpoint qualification” (P.QU.): theory and practical units are combined in a way that is close to the company.

In this way, you can obtain an apprenticeship qualification in all of the northern regions within two years. We can therefore take your mobility into account. You can also complete your training in one of the AMS-funded training centers. Training in a scientific and technical college or in a technical college is also possible.


Find out more from your responsible regional AMS office or directly from the FIT center. Information events on the FiT program take place monthly in all regions.

Status in the state: October 15, 2020


Start again with the AMS funding program FiT - "Women in Crafts and Technology" in 2021!

You don't want to be slowed down by Corona? We support you! Start your new apprenticeship with our FiT support program for women. There are over 200 professions to choose from. From A for app developer to M for media specialist to Z for carpentry technician.

We promote:Apprenticeship, technical school, technical college, college and university of applied sciences.
FiT professions can be found here: FiT professions

If interested please contact your regional AMS office, the contact details can be found here: Tyrolean offices. or find out more directly from ibis acam: Tel. 0664/88 94 57 21

FiT information events take place regularly in the individual districts. For details, please contact the AMS or ibis acam.

FiT basic qualification (12 weeks, entry ongoing)

  • Reutte: from January 11th, 2021
  • Oberland (course location is Imst): from 11.01.2021
  • Innsbruck: from January 11th, 2021
  • Unterland (course location is Wörgl): from 11.01.2021
  • Lienz: from January 11th, 2021

The FiT basic qualifications start on January 11th, 2021 and run all year round. Entry into the course is possible on a monthly basis!


MuT vocational orientation for girls aged 15-19

List of funded professions: MuT professions = FiT professions (you can find the list above at the link!)
You can find out details about the program for girls from your AMS advisor: Tel. +43 50 904 740or by mail to ibis acam.

Entry is possible at any time

Status in the state: December 15, 2020

No further information is available in this state.