Why am I so fucked up?

Translation of "I'm just shitty" in English

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I also have i'm just fucked up stressed out.

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Then you can see just crappy out.
Yes, it can just crappy become.
Lawyers have mom and me just crappy.
Every lawyer I ever had shafted me and my mom.
What I just crappy think is that you cannot stand by it.
What I can't stand is that you won't admit it.
I'm new to Mexico and I try to adapt and most things are cool, but I also feel a little weird and crappy empty all the time and easy just crappy alone.
I'm new to Mexico and I'm trying to adjust, and most things are cool, but I'm also kind of feeling a little weird and fucking empty all the time and just fucking alone.
Now they are easy just crappy feathered birds. Thanks scientist, you ruined my childhood!
Now they're just shitty feathery birds. Thanks scientists, you ruined my childhood!
Simpatico says the demon act sounds trite, is full of clichés and is simple overall just crappy.
Simpatico says "the demon story line is trite, Cliche'd, and overall craptastic."
This whole thing is like that crappy.
Thornton! This war is crappy.
And I totally think so crappy.
And I think that's a real messed up thing to do.
Hopefully this is how the forensic investigation is crappy like with us.
Fast and cheap then see it crappy out.
And I can have fast and cheap, but then the end product would probably look like shit.
But other than that, everything is damn good crappy to me.
OK, so I'm immortal, but other than that, I've basically got fuck-all going for me.
Gives an impression of how crappy our neighborhood is.
Which Will Give You Some Idea How Crappy The Neighborhood Is.
We black people don't make a distinction between racism and everyone will crappy.
The trouble with us black folk, we can't tell the difference anymore between racism and everybody gets screwed.
Well, life is crappy.
I'll be hard at it, sweating me guts out at that lathe.
It is crappy, the factory.
The stuff in the fridge tastes good crappy.
All the food in the fridge tastes like shit.
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