What a strange thing makes you happy

Psychology: Ten Things That Make You Happy Quickly

Happiness always seems to vanish into thin air when you have just noticed it. In any case, this is often the case with great feelings of happiness. Scientists say that little feelings of happiness can be created by yourself - by changing your attitude, for example. But even that is a very abstract story and not that easy to accomplish. But there are also very specific indications of what makes you happy in everyday life - quickly and easily. Here comes the daily routine that scientifically proven should make everyone happy:

Point one: First of all, you go to bed early today - a lot of sleep ensures that you are not so prone to negative feelings and memories the next day. Because these are processed by the almond kernel in the brain. Positive and neutral memories, on the other hand, are processed by the hippocampus, the memory center. And too little sleep unfortunately affects the hippocampus more than the almond kernel.

Point two: Get out in the air. Anyone who has to go to the office anyway has done it right away, the others just have to find the right moment for it. 20 minutes improve your mood - and your working memory at the same time, as a study by the University of Sussex in England showed. It is ideal when the sun is shining, preferably around 14 degrees, as researchers from the American Meteorological Society found out in 2011. Accordingly, the temperature has a greater impact on well-being than wind strength or humidity.

Please always smile nicely

Point three you can then do things on the way to work - namely, make plans to move closer to the office. Long distances to get there are stressful in the long run - even if you think you don't mind or it's worth it because the job is great and the salary is great. Swiss psychologists found that such advantages cannot compensate for the stress caused by the crowd in the subway or the morning traffic jam.

Point four and five