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PHP backend development and web services

We are software service providers for web-based business applications. Individually tailored to your business processes, we develop modern software solutions and implement the migration of legacy systems: service-oriented, scalable, agile.

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Web-based client-server applications support this Digital business and the mobilization of business applications. Thanks to the clear separation of the front-end and back-end, both areas can concentrate on the essentials and be further developed independently of each other. The Backend combined with lean web services takes over the data processing and preparation on the server and in the cloud.

PHP and Zend Framework experts

Alexander Miertsch has been self-employed as a software developer for 6 years and founded prooph software GmbH in 2015 as Specialists in PHP Business Web Applications. In projects for start-ups and medium-sized companies to enterprise companies, he has extensive expertise in Zend Framework and the ZF2 Web Service Library Apigility, Domain-Driven Design, distributed and scalable software architectures and migration (Cobol - PHP). Alexander is available to you as a consultant, for on-the-job training and of course the development of business web applications.

Sandro Keil is Senior PHP Developer and IT Consultant at prooph software GmbH. Before that he worked as a software developer for E-commerce-Companies active. As Zend Certified PHP Engineer and ZF2 Certified Architect Sandro is a proven Zend Framework expert. He has additional experience in quality assurance of projects using continuous integration and server virtualization using Docker and virtual machines. As an author, he also writes specialist articles for renowned magazines such as T3N Magazin and PHP Magazin.

We take over the PHP backend new or further development, e.g. customer-specific ERP systems, multi-store online shops, omnichannel solutions, B2B and B2C portals, CRM software, the programming of interfaces, web services and extensions for online shop systems such as Magento and CMS systems such as Wordpress, Drupal and TYPO3 - also as Support your internal software development or digital and design agency.

Skills. Tools & Frameworks.

Our many years of experience include service and object-oriented programming of enterprise web applications, domain-driven design and test automation. When it comes to software development, we rely on open source tools. PHP and successful frameworks emerged from the open source community. An optimized workflow ensures reduced development time with proven tools: # Programming languages PHP, JavaScript #Frameworks Zend Framework, Symfony, prooph components #Databases MySQL, Oracle, NoSQL databases such as mongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch #Working environment LAMP Stack, Node.js, Ngnix web server, Docker container, version control system Git, Jira #Messaging RabbitMQ, ZeroMQ

PHP backend developer with many years of experience

Developed backend solutions ...

Fleet management, logistics platform, multi-tenant system, web analysis KPIs, product advisor / configurator, online contract conclusion, customer self-services, supply chain management

for the industries ...

eCommerce, wholesale, energy service provider, automotive industry, tourism, legal start-up

Alexander Miertsch
Founder, CEO & Lead Developer
prooph software GmbH

prooph software


Founder, CEO & Lead Developer

Alexander Miertsch

Blogging and tweets about programming. Releases and supports open source projects on github. Can also on Xing to be contacted.