Good looking people have better sex

Do beautiful people have more sex than, sorry, unattractive ones?

No. This is an optical illusion in the truest sense of the word. Attractiveness follows a cultural ideal, but whether a person feels sexually attracted to another has nothing to do with it. Here your own feelings apply, and that does not follow any norm. Literally translated, attractiveness means attraction and is by no means only measured by model dimensions and front page beauty. Body language, attitude to life, character, sincerity, an enchanting smile, charisma and voice count more than just a beautiful »still image«.

Speaking of voice! A study by the University of Albany in New York with 149 participants found the Sex appeal The voice examined and came to the conclusion that "beautiful" voices their owners already in adolescence more frequent and better sexual experiences than their peers with less pleasant voices. Whereby the “beautiful” voices were again localized to precisely those people who look beautiful - but without their appearance being known. So you could say: beautiful people have beautiful voices.

At this point, a myth is disenchanted: beautiful women don't have sex more often than less beautiful women. It is true that there are always studies that show that beautiful women have an increased level of the sex hormone estradiol increased sex and Certify affair activity, but this is theoretical knowledge.

The practice looks different. Even celebrity beauties like Liz Hurley, Sharon Stone and Giselle Bündchen complain publicly about not having enough sex due to their visual appeal! Original sound from Sharon Stone: "Men languish at beautiful women from afar, but hardly anyone is man enough to actually want to get to know the object of desire." So beauty can be a handicap, while men seem less afraid of average beautiful women. And to quote the long-running Samantha from "Sex and the City": "Beautiful men are lousy in bed because they never had to learn how to look after a woman."

One topic that people don't like to talk about is feeling good in one's own skin during sex. A current German study questioned 1,000 people between the ages of 20 and 35 about their sex life and unearths astonishing things: 30% of all women and 26% of all men have already felt ashamed of their bodies in bed. A full 61% of all women said they felt unattractive, and 35% even turn off the lights during sex!

Common sense tells us that something is wrong here. After all, not 61% of all German women are ugly. So where does this enormous uncertainty come from? Medial overkill in terms of ideals of beauty? Pressure to perform? The feeling of not meeting some standards?

One thing is certain: attractiveness is perceived subjectively. Average-looking women with problem areas, tooth gaps, flat breasts or thin hair can feel like goddesses with the right attitude towards life - and are treated that way. Beautiful women with gazelle legs, wasp waists and silky skin, on the other hand, can drown in complexes and thereby kill themselves Having fun having sex. So general loosening up is urgently needed here!

Good sex is vital - but I decide for myself what is "good"!

In order to be able to live this attitude, you need a healthy self-perception, an acceptance of your own needs and the ability to articulate them. Those who manage to free themselves from social norms and standards and take their own wishes seriously have a good chance of a lifelong, fulfilling sex life - ideally with a partner who goes along this path.

A key phrase of the DUREX study is: "More important than sexual performance is sexual intimacy." So it doesn't depend on the frequency, but on the quality.

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