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Lewis Hamilton: He's still chasing those Schumacher records

In many statistics, Lewis Hamilton has long since caught up with Michael Schumacher or even overtaken him. But he still doesn't have some records.

Two Formula 1 drivers have won seven world titles: Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton. In 2020, Hamilton broke almost all of the important Schumi records. But the German superstar still holds some records:


Hamilton has already set these records

World title: Like Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton has won seven world titles.

Race in World Championship leadership: Michael Schumacher was world championship leader after 121 races, Lewis Hamilton after 123

Victories:Lewis Hamilton won 98 races including the 2021 Spanish GP, Schumacher has 91 victories. But when it comes to the win rate, Hamilton is clearly ahead of Schumacher. There it is 36.30 percent to 29.64 percent per Hamilton.

Successful years in a row:When Michael Schumacher won the Belgian GP in 1992 in a Benetton Ford, he put down an impressive series: Until 2006, 15 years in a row, he always won at least one Grand Prix. Hamilton also caught up with Schumi in this ranking in 2021.

Grand Prix victories:Michael Schumacher celebrated eight times in France. Lewis Hamilton achieved it with his eighth win in Hungary in 2020.

Victories for a team: Schumacher got 72 of his victories for Ferrari, Hamilton 77 for Mercedes.

Victories at various grands prix:Hamilton has already overtaken Schumacher: the Briton won 29 different Grands Prix, Schumacher only 22.

Pole positions:When it comes to poles, Hamilton has long been ahead of the game. Schumacher has 68 poles, Hamilton secured first place on the grid for the 100th time at the 2021 Spanish GP.

Points:Because significantly more points have been distributed since 2010 than before, Hamilton has long held the all-time point record. It stands 3872: 1566 per Hamilton.

Race in the points:Michael Schumacher scored world championship points in 221 of his 302 races, Hamilton in 233 of his 270 grands prix.

Podium places:With 169: 155, Hamilton also leads on the podium.

Guide kilometers:Lewis Hamilton (26,270) also leads Michael Schumacher (24,148 kilometers).

Grand Prix with leading laps:Lewis Hamilton already set this record in 2019: He led at least one lap in 166 races, Michael Schumacher has 142 races with leading kilometers.

Hamilton is still chasing these records

Victories in one season:Michael Schumacher won an impressive 13 of 17 races in 2004. Sebastian Vettel also had 13 wins in 2013, but in 19 races. Lewis Hamilton has never won more than eleven races a year. He last succeeded in doing this in 2018.

Fastest race laps:Michael Schumacher set the fastest lap 77 times, Hamilton 53 times. Today it is much more difficult because the fastest lap is often achieved by the driver who changes to fresh tires last.


World Championship races:With 307 races, Schumacher only ranks fourth in the best list (front runner Kimi Räikkönen with 330). Hamilton stands at 266 races.

Seasons in Formula 1:Michael Schumacher drove in Formula 1 for 19 years: From 1991 to 2006 and from 2010 to 2012. Lewis Hamilton has been Formula 1 for 15 years since 2007.

Hat tricks (win, pole and fastest lap):Schumacher managed a hat trick 22 and Hamilton 18 times.

Failures:Schumacher dropped out 68 times, Hamilton only 26 times. The failure rate today is generally lower.