Why do people sometimes waste money

The chances of hitting the lottery jackpot this Saturday are 1: 140,000,000. Nevertheless, many people hope to be happy with 38 million euros soon. What can you expect if it works?

Robbie Williams, pop star: "Happiness has nothing to do with money. Sometimes I feel like I can give all my money away. In my darkest moments, I believe my life would be easier if I didn't have more than 100 pounds. I could then as a free man walk the streets, meet a girl and lead the quiet life I long for. "

Richard Layard, Professor of Economics, London School of Economics: "Although rich people are on average happier than poor people all over the world. But although the western industrialized nations are getting richer and richer, society as a whole is not getting happier. The standard of living works a bit like alcohol or drugs. then I need more and more of it in order to continue to feel the same happiness. The required income increases the more people earn. No wonder that people don't get happier that way. "

What one could afford from 38 million:

What sueddeutsche.de- Readers of the money would make:

Marcel Reich-Ranicki, literary critic: "Money alone doesn't make you happy, but it's better to cry in a taxi than in the tram."

Conclusion of an Oxford University study on the "Psychology of Happiness": "The rich are only slightly happier than others. 100 super millionaires surveyed, each with assets of more than $ 125 million, felt 67 percent happy, while Americans selected at random felt 62 percent happy - statistically speaking, the difference is insignificant."

David Kahnemann, Nobel Laureate in Economics: "We examined the question of which activities make people happy. 1000 working Texan women wrote a kind of happiness diary for our study. Result: The first four positions were activities that hardly cost any money: sex, meeting friends, eating, relaxing. The three the most important sources of dissatisfaction were the drive to work, the work itself and the drive home.

From a study by the American psychologist Michael Argyle: "The rich are only a little happier than others. 100 super millionaires surveyed, each with assets of more than $ 125 million, felt 67 percent happy, while Americans, randomly selected, felt 62 percent happy."

Glenn Firebaugh and Laura Tach, American sociologists: "Money makes you happy - through comparison with other people. Those who have money may be satisfied, but only those who have more money than their peers and colleagues are really happy. This is proven by a sociological experiment. The respondents had a choice: a ) You earn $ 60,000 a year, your colleagues 50,000, b) You earn $ 80,000 a year, your colleagues $ 90,000. The majority chose option a), so they would forego $ 20,000 just to earn more than their colleagues. "

Christoph Lau, author of the book "Theory of Relativity": "Winning the lottery is no guarantee of a fulfilling life. Winning only makes you happy in the short term. I surveyed 14 lottery millionaires. The result: Long-term happiness can only be achieved if you are aware of what counts in your life and use the money for it. Make waste not happy, but if the winner fulfills a childhood dream. Winning the lottery does not change a person, it exposes them. "

Martin Seligman, Professor of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania: "Money is not a guarantee of happiness. As soon as the basic needs are met, more money has little effect on the experience of happiness. Studies with winners of large sums of money show that after a brief happiness euphoria, the previous happiness level is more likely to fall below international comparative studies rank materially poor countries with regard to the happiness of their population mostly far ahead of the rich nations. "

Herbert Achternbusch, artist: "The nice feeling of having money is not as intense as the shitty feeling of not having money."

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