Should become a Scrum Master Manager

What does the Scrum Master do all day?

Duties of a Scrum Master

Again and again we are asked what the Scrum Master actually does all day. After a morning Daily Scrum, there isn't really anything to do on a day without another Scrum meeting. Or does it?

Article from the agile review 2015/01

More than just moderating meetings

We have once collected what Scrum Masters do: Our list is long and yet it does not claim to be exhaustive. Finally, we will go into the business case for the Scrum Master and explain its actual superpower.

In the article "What does the Scrum Master do all day?" From our customer magazine agile review 2015/01 "° we have collected the tasks of a Scrum Master.

Task of the Scrum Master

If you look at the Scrum Guide, Schwaber and Sutherland have defined the following tasks and responsibilities for the Scrum Master role:

  • Servant Leader for the Scrum Team
  • Protects the Scrum Team from unnecessary external influences
  • moderates the meetings if necessary / necessary
  • helps the product owner in methodical questions
  • coaches the development team in self-organization and cross-functionality
  • eliminates impediments
  • helps the organization with the introduction of Scrum
  • helps others understand Scrum
  • works on organizational changes that will help the team be more productive
  • works with other Scrum Masters to improve the effectiveness of Scrum in the organization

The Scrum Master is therefore responsible for a successful process in the Scrum team. And the Scrum Master cannot achieve this goal if he only looks after the team. He also has to change the organizational framework in such a way that the team can develop.


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