What did you learn about tax laws

Tax advice on an equal footing

My name is Roman Schweiß and I offer you simple solutions, even for complex tasks. Proximity to the client is important to me, because talking is more pleasant at eye level. Experience has shown that this is how we come up with the best solutions. So I look forward to getting to know you and advising you individually and personally. Make an appointment now or get to know me better on this page.

“Ignorance of tax laws does not exempt you from paying taxes. But the knowledge often. "

(M. A. Rothschild, businessman and banker)

With me, you benefit from extensive knowledge of tax laws - including international tax law - as well as in-depth specialist knowledge of accounting and digitization of bookkeeping and tax returns.

Our goal: to minimize your tax payments

Together with my colleagues, I create simple, clear structures for your finances. All accounting and tax tasks should tie up as few of your resources as possible. Another important goal is to exploit all tax-saving opportunities. Here, too, I will advise you competently and stand by your side. As a tax advisor and trained accountant, I offer you the following key areas of activity:

  • International tax law
  • Corporations
  • Partnerships
  • Accounting according to international accounting standards (IFRS)
  • Establishment and support of cost and performance accounting
  • Digitization of accounting and tax returns
  • Supervision of tax audits

My path to becoming a tax advisor is your advantage

I learned how to deal with accounting, taxes and finances from scratch. Thanks to my practice-oriented and varied training, you benefit from simple solutions - even for complex tasks.

My apprenticeship began in a medium-sized tax firm, where I trained as an accountant, international accountant and tax specialist. This was followed by 4 years in one of the so-called "Big 4", in other words in one of the four top-selling auditing companies in the world.

Here I advised large corporations in tax matters and in an international environment. Then I switched to the client side and got to know the processes in the tax department of a large financial services institute.

My current focus is on supporting corporations and partnerships in all matters of tax law, especially in the area of ​​income tax. My approach is not traditional advice. It is my aim to understand the client. Thanks to my deep understanding of your company, I can optimize the tax structure even better.

I would also be happy to support you in working even more efficiently and cost-effectively by digitizing your bookkeeping and tax returns. You will see how much unused potential you can convert into cash and real time savings. I also oversee tax audits and stand by you reliably and competently in every phase.

Ongoing tax advice

  • Tax returns for partnerships and corporations
  • Annual financial statements according to the HGB
  • Tax provision calculations for corporations and partnerships
  • Tax returns (KSt, ESt, G & E determinations, trade tax and VAT as well as tax balances)
  • monthly financial accounting
  • and much more.

Special advice

  • Supervision of tax audits
  • Tax planning
  • tax reports
  • Appeal Process
  • Reconciliation from US GAAP / IFRS to HGB
  • and much more.

Use my experience and knowledge to optimize your tax payments and your processes. I look forward to a trusting, long-term and successful partnership. Call now for an appointment 089 - 60 92 02 9 or send me an email.

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