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Welcome LED lighting solutions and innovations


1 Welcome LED lighting solutions and innovations

2 Introducing OSRAM Peter Kulf Sales Engineer OEM Mobile: +49 (160) Bernhard Drastik Account Manager Electrical Wholesale Mobile: +49 (175)

3 Agenda OSRAM Part 1 4:00 pm 4:45 pm 1. Basics of lighting technology 2. Basics of LED technology 3. LED truths & untruths Break 4:45 pm 5:00 pm OSRAM workshops (45 min per group) 5:00 pm 6:30 pm 4. Workshop 1: - LED retrofit - LED lights Workshop 2: - Light management systems

4 OSRAM Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? dated May 22, 2006

5 Osmium and Tungsten Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? May 22, 2006

6 OSRAM introduces itself 106 years of OSRAM 1906 The Auer-Gesellschaft (Deutsche Gasglühlicht AG) registers the OSRAM brand with the Imperial Patent Office in Berlin. On April 17th, it will be included in the trademark register of the Patent Office under the number.

7 OSRAM presents itself Climate protection for over 100 years Since it was founded, OSRAM has been selling 'green' products OSRAM was founded 100 years ago to manufacture incandescent lamps, a 70% more efficient solution than previous lighting technology. The selling point was money-saving potential

8 Trends in the lighting market Consumer products LED technology and green products are driving the lighting market Global lighting market 1) in global lighting market 1) in billion pieces GLS HAL CFLi GLS HAL LEDr CFLi LEDr Market development in waves likely, driven by current legislation The total market volume ( in pieces) is likely to decrease due to the longer lifespan. It is expected that the market value (in EUR) will increase primarily due to high-quality LEDs 1) with screw base

9 Trends in the market LED penetration by 2016 according to application fields From 2016 the LED penetration rate will be 62% of the lighting market. The shop area will be the largest LED user ahead of all other segments. Estimated value of shop lighting: 1.2 billion. Rank 2: Street lighting approx. 790 million.

10 efficiencies of light sources 150 lumen / watt potential semiconductor LED 100 metal halide 2010 fluorescent 1961 CFL mercury 1981 halogen incandescent lamp // OLED invented year

11 Energy efficiency = save energy i.e. use light sources with a high degree of efficiency W lm Comparable with: The degree of efficiency of light sources is evaluated with lumens per watt (lm / W). How far can I drive on 1 liter of fuel?

12 lamps and their efficiency incandescent halogen incandescent lamp compact fluorescent lamps fluorescent lamp high-pressure discharge lamps LED lighting lm / w lm / w lm / w lm / w lm / w lm / w

13 Basics of LED technology Heat generation Heat Heat Light Light GLS Halogen CFLi LED lamp Technology Technology Two main heat sources: - Integrated electronic driver - LEDs efficiency is 4 times higher than that of conventional incandescent lamps Improvement through future technologies The maximum temperature is much lower than with the conventional technologies page 13

14 OSRAM energy-efficient products With OSRAM, the customer has a choice. Halogen ECO CFLi LED No restrictions on light 100% dimmable Immediate light Brilliant light Disposal in household waste h Service life Most economical solution Electricity savings of up to 80% Fast light 2 light colors (825/840) mostly for non-directional light h Service life Ecological light of the future Energy savings of up to 90% instant light 2 light colors (827/830) Mercury-free Mostly for directed light h lifespan

15 page 15 Visible light

16 Light color = lighting mood Light color like warm or cold a light appears warm white up to 3,000K cold white 4,000K daylight 6,500K SKYWHITE 8,000K The colors red and blue are of central importance. The more red, the warmer the light, the more blue, the colder. The light color is measured in degrees Kelvin (K). Page 16

17 Color rendering = light quality Color rendering lamp In nature Color rendering incandescent lamp, halogen lamp Sunlight 100 fluorescent lamps Daylight Compact fluorescent lamps LED metal halide lamps The degree of color falsification is indicated by the color rendering index R a. R a = 100 (e.g. sunlight, halogen light) is the best value with the most natural color rendering page 17

18 OSRAM LED lamps & modules Light color - example The use of poorly selected LED modules leads to a clearly visible deviation in the light color produced. An example of poor color selection Use of OSRAM LEDs with the same white color (FineWHITE) homogeneous light page 18

19 General information on LED service life and dependence on temperature Heat More heat Shorter service life Less light brightness Temperature, electricity More electricity More light Shorter service life, service life Cold good cooling More light Longer service life of electricity Setting the temperature = setting the service life Page 19

20 Fundamentals of LED technology 1001 history of LEDs and how we feel about them: ... LEDs are waterproof! It is true: the LED is robust, insensitive, vibration-proof and break-proof. When used correctly, moisture is also not a problem. Protection against environmental influences is absolutely necessary in order to achieve the service life of the LED modules. Page 20

21 Luminous intensity The luminous intensity (I) is the part of the luminous flux that radiates in a certain direction. Unit: Candela (cd) It is used to indicate the power of reflector lamps. Page 21

22 Illuminance The illuminance (E) is a measure of the light falling on a surface. It is measured in lux (lx). Lux is Latin for light. It decreases with the distance of the light source from the surface. The better you want to see, the higher the required illuminance. 400 lx bel. Room 500lx workplace lx covered summer day lx sunny summer day page 22

23 Luminance The luminance of a light source or an illuminated surface is decisive for the perceived impression of brightness. Unit: candela per square meter (cd / m2) e.g. Acrylgals LED module for backlighting The visible brightness of a surface that is perceived by the eye is the luminance. Page 23

24 The basic photometric parameters Luminous flux Luminous intensity The luminous flux is the light output of the light source. Unit of measurement: Lumen (lm) Luminous intensity The luminous intensity is the measure of the light emission in a certain direction. Unit of measurement: Candela (cd) Illuminance Luminance L in cd / m 2 The mean illuminance of an area is the luminous flux per unit area: Lux = Lumen m 2 Page 24

25 The ban on traditional light sources accelerates the speed of innovation in new lighting solutions!

26 The future of light has already started! The journey has just begun and will continue at a breakneck pace! Be prepared for it!

27 Would you like to have dinner in the restaurant?

28 or a drink at the bar

29 walking through the streets

30 relaxing at home Jaarbeurs Utrecht

31 or working hard for a career.

32 OSRAM as a solution provider The combination of our expertise makes us the leading lighting component and solution provider Components Luminaires LMS solutions Traditional Traditional Luminaires Light Mgmt. Systems Applications LPD HPD Electronics Office Industry Traffic LED LED Luminaires LED Components Shopping Public Sport LED Retrofits Modules ECG lighting units OLED LED spot / Downlights Architainment / Hospitality Signage OSRAM Siteco

33 OSRAM offers a wide range of LED products. Easy-to-install - concept LED lamps LED lamps LED systems plug & play retrofit lamps attractive LED lamps & flexible LED systems

34 LED film about production

35 OSRAM LED lamps

36 Current LED retrofit range

37 OSRAM LED lamps are not just modern or stylish, with their excellent quality they also offer a whole host of tangible advantages. Quality: no UV or near infrared radiation low heat generation immediately 100% light up to switching cycles and more white light with good color rendering incandescent-like light color warm white shock and vibration resistant different shapes and bases for easy 1: 1 replacement environmental protection: up to 90% less CO2 emissions (compared to incandescent and halogen lamps) excellent ecological balance thanks to low energy consumption in production and low energy consumption in operation mercury-free less waste and lower resource consumption thanks to extremely long service life Efficiency: up to 90% energy savings compared to comparable conventional incandescent lamps up to hours' life * no system change necessary thanks to 1: 1 exchange. Reduction of air conditioning costs thanks to extremely low heat generation

38 4 important factors for the selection of high quality LED lamps 1. LOW ASSORTED TOLERANCE FOR BRIGHTNESS AND COLOR TEMPERATURE OSRAM LEDs guarantee high color consistency and a high, uniform luminous flux. After production, the semiconductors are sorted and classified according to color temperature and efficiency. All LEDs with similar values ​​are sorted together in a container (bin) ("binning"). The lower the sorting tolerance, the higher the quality of the systems that consist of more than one LED. Result: significantly higher customer satisfaction and lower return rates

39 4 important factors for the selection of high quality LED lamps 2. Real COMPARABILITY OSRAM clearly declares all performance-related optics values ​​on all LED lamp packaging. Important values ​​for determining the light output: luminous flux (lm), luminous intensity [cd], beam angle [], beam shape. The smaller the beam angle, the greater the light intensity with the same luminous flux. Lumen and candela cannot be directly compared with one another, the angle / shape of the radiation must always be taken into account. Result: Fair, clear comparison options that enable customers to choose a product more quickly.

40 4 important factors for the selection of high-quality LED lamps 3. Effective COPY PROTECTION OSRAM only offers genuine, certified, self-patented or licensed LED products. In the production of LEDs, a large number of fees for worldwide patents must be paid and the corresponding patent regulations must be observed and taken into account. LED light sources from cheap manufacturers in lower quality segments are usually not licensed, or at least only partially licensed. OSRAM and other LED manufacturers will actively pursue patent abuse in court in the future. Result: Legally flawless products protect sales and end users

41 4 important factors for choosing high quality LED lamps 4. The unique OSRAM GUARANTEE The comprehensive LED product guarantee offered by OSRAM is a sign of the highest product quality. OSRAM offers a 4-year guarantee on selected PARATHOM LED lamps and a full 5-year guarantee on PARATHOM PRO LED lamps. It is valid from the date of purchase and only applies to lamps that are operated in accordance with OSRAM specifications. This strengthens and confirms the customers in their purchase decision and creates trust. Detailed warranty conditions can be viewed at: Result: Customer acquisition and customer loyalty.

42 Energy-efficient products LED lamp range

43 OSRAM PARATHOM LED lamps For standard use, they impress with their excellent price-performance ratio, are just as efficient as OSRAM PARATHOM PRO, convince with a service life of up to h, a color deviation of a maximum of 200 K and an Ra value of around 80. They are available in many screw and plug-in versions, some of which are even dimmable. PARATHOM LED lamps from OSRAM are a clever alternative for many standard lighting situations.

44 PARATHOM CLASSIC A 340 Advanced Product Description A60 A75 Watt Lumen / Light Color (K) 810 / / 2700 CRI Energy Label AA Socket E27 E27 Lifetime Volt Dimmable YES YES Product advantage / Areas of application Average lifetime of up to hours. Large beam angle (340) as with conventional . Bulb replacement options: 60 W bulb CLASSIC A Advanced 75 W bulb CLASSIC A Advanced

45 Comparison of operating costs * PARATHOM CLASSIC A60 Advanced (13 W) vs. incandescent lamp (60 W) Operating costs in Classic A PARATHOM CLASSIC A60 Advanced (13W) SAVING * Calculated with: Electricity price 0.21 / kWh operating hours in thousand 68

46 OSRAM PARATHOM LED lamps For standard use, they impress with their excellent price-performance ratio, are just as efficient as OSRAM PARATHOM PRO, convince with a service life of up to h, a color deviation of a maximum of 200 K and an Ra value of around 80. They are available in many screw and plug-in versions, some of which are even dimmable. PARATHOM LED lamps from OSRAM are a clever alternative for many standard lighting situations.

47 PARATHOM MR16 20 upgrade warm white low-voltage lamps for electronic operating devices Product description watts 4.5 candela (cd) 450 light color (K) / - 200 beam angle 36 base GU5.3 Average service life volts 12V AC / DC dimmable no Product advantage / areas of application Advantages: Same light output like 20W HAL, but -80% energy long service life Size of the HAL GU5.3 (Decostar) works with the electronic control gear Areas of application: Technology is geared towards end users and professionals Low-voltage applications (*) This PARATHOM product is official for the HTM70 and HTM105 systems recommended

48 Practical example Decostar / PARATHOM MR 16 ***** Intercontinetal, Berlin To the object: Actual inventory was 1200 pieces Halogen Decostar 20 W - WFL These lamps were replaced by Parathom MR Result achieved: Connected load old: Watt Connected load new: Watt Lifetime old: Lifespan new: hours hours

49 Practical example Decostar / PARATHOM MR 16 ***** Intercontinetal, Berlin Result in figures: The savings of 92% maintenance costs Power is reduced by watt The energy consumption is reduced by Kwh The investment costs are saved in one year The new lighting system earns after only one year (6,570 operating hours) Money for the operator! A PV solar system only takes about years!

50 OSRAM PARATHOM PRO LED lamps OSRAM sets standards in the LED area for professional requirements. The key data of these high-tech lamps are already impressive: outstanding efficiency of 65 lm / w, a service life of up to hours, only 100 K maximum color deviation from lamp to lamp and good color rendering of Ra Product variety with many plug-in base variants.

51 PARATHOM PRO MR Advanced Product description Watt 5.5 Candela (cd) 600 cd Light color (K) 2700 +/- 100K / -100 K / -200 K - 80 Beam angle 36 & 24 Base GU5.3 Lifespan Volt 12V AC / DC Dimmable yes Product advantages / areas of application Advantages: Same light output as 20W HAL, but -73% energy Long service life Futuristic design High light color homogeneity <5SDCM Dimensions of a HAL GU5.3 (Decostar) Area of ​​application: Downlight, hospitals, shop & museum, households Directed light sources * equivalent to German RRP

52 Soon: PARATHOM PRO MR16 35 advanced Product description watt 10 candela (cd) 950 cd / light color (K) 2700 +/- 100 K / -100 K / -200 K 80 beam angle 36 and 24 base GU5.3 service life volts 12V AC / DC Dimmable yes 77mm 51mm Product description / application area Advantages: Replacement for 35W HAL, but -71% energy Same luminous efficacy as 35W HAL Long service life Futuristic elegant design High light color homogeneity <5SDCM Application area: Downlight, hospitals, shop & museum, households Directed light sources Current design New Design * equivalent to German RRP

53 Soon: PARATHOM PRO PAR16 35 ADVANCED Product description Watt 7.5 Candela (cd) 600 cd Light color (K) 2700 +/- 100 K / -100 K / -200 K 80 Beam angle 35 & 25 Base GU10 Lifespan Volt Dimmable yes Product advantages / Area of ​​application 85mm 55mm Advantages: 1: 1 replacement for 35W halogen, but -77% energy Long service life Futuristic elegant design High light color homogeneity (+/- 100K) Area of ​​application: Directed light Downlight, hospitals, shop & museum, household Current design New design * equivalent to German RRP

54 PARATHOM MR product description watt 3 candela (cd) 700 light color (K) 3000 beam angle 24 base GU4 Average service life Volt 12V dimmable no Product advantage / areas of application Advantages: Average service life of up to 1 hour Low-voltage halogen reflector lights Exchange options: 20 W low-voltage halogen lamp MR11 20

55 PARATHOM PRO LEDspot advanced Product description watts 12 W / 12VAC candela (cd) / light color (K) / 3000K light color 2700 +/- 100 K / -100 K - 85 beam angle 24 base G53 Average service life Dimmable yes Product advantage / areas of application Advantages: Replacement for a 50W low-voltage halogen reflector with base G53 Same luminous efficacy as 50W HAL Long service life High color consistency <5SDCM Areas of application: Direct light sources Downlight, hotel, shop & museum, household Product name EAN 10 PU LEDspot advanced 827 box LEDspot advanced 830 box

56 differences between PARATHOM and PARATHOM PRO PARATHOM PARATHOM PRO dimmable NO YES * CCT, variation of lamp to +/- 200K +/- 100K service life h> h Guarantee 4 years ** 5 years * only for ADVANCED types ** with exceptions

57 Dimming With increasing luminous flux and luminous intensity values, the issue of dimmability is gaining in importance. Dimmability is particularly relevant for classic lamps> 25 W and reflector lamps> 20 W. Dimmability increases the costs of the lamp due to more complex electronics (more components, special circuits ("Integrated Circuits" IC)). Dimmable with leading or trailing edge dimmer (list available).Further information at: OSRAM offers a wide range of different products: from dimmable high-end products to cheaper non-dimmable lamps. The customer has the choice!

58 OSRAM PARATHOM SPECIAL For special tasks LED technology with its many product advantages is particularly suitable for special areas of application and special tasks. With the T26, the OSRAM DULED and the brand new PIN G4, OSRAM offers you three economical LED special lamps for professional use.

59 SubstiTUBE Advanced VDE registration applied for Real RETROFIT for KVG / VVG T8 luminaires Energy-saving and environmentally friendly

60 SubstiTUBE Advanced Features and advantages Ideal solution for projects for retrofitting Warehouse Cooling Shelves Garages Corridors ROI <3 years * Logistics Traffic zones Industry Up to 60% energy savings * h lifetime (L70) 5x longer than L-Lamp Basic T8 Full brightness without warming up, no Flickering High efficiency even in cold environments No mercury, RoHS-compliant VDE registration applied for Compliant with all relevant standards Safe product 3-year guarantee with registration, extension to 5 years possible (total failure) Real retrofit for KVG easy and safe KVG / VVG exchange of Tube + Starter (= maintenance) Luminaire conformity is maintained No new luminaires = existing protection is retained ECG rewiring required Only by specialist staff Application note * For operating hours> h / a

61 SubstiTUBE Advantages of SubstiTUBE with integrated ECG shelves ROI ~ 2 years * Inexpensive for simple lighting tasks h Only replacement of tube + starter necessary (= maintenance) because ECG is integrated, conformity of the luminaire is retained Inventory protection is retained Cooling warehouse SubstiTUBE Basic * When operated for over 3000h 5000h pa Also works on mains voltage Rewiring of existing luminaires VDE registration pending Simplified luminaire certification Up to 60% energy savings SubstiTUBE Advanced Bright, robust and durable h Supply areas Traffic zones Real retrofit for CCG easy and safe Corridors ROI <3 years *

62 SubstiTUBE Advanced Installation Instructions Instructions for operation on CCG / VVG luminaires as a real retrofit Check whether the luminaire is operated on the CCG (starter as an indication) Disconnect the power supply to the luminaire Turn the conventional lamp by 90 and remove it Remove as well the conventional starter by turning Put the SubstiTUBE Start in the starter holder. Make sure that the PIN receptacles of the light are in the correct position. Insert the SubstiTUBE and turn it around. Read the FAQ / How to sell / Application document for more information

63 Good and not so good LED tubes What should be considered for a safe luminaire with LED tubes? Remove starter Types: Not safe to touch Risk of electric shock on the secondary side Can also apply to a separate ECG heavier than 500g: Sockets overloaded Danger from falling tubes Unclear liability situations Not conforming to standards Who is liable? Insufficient clearance and creepage distances / insulation Currently many unsafe electric shocks possible in the event of a fault Products on the market Fire hazard with large-sized fuses Official test marks such as VDE give security Authorities react with statements or bans OSRAM SubstiTUBE are VDE tested security and simple certification for their lights

64 SubstiTUBE Advanced application

65 LED lights


67 LEDVANCE Downlight S Product advantages Very flat LED luminaire for installation in 16 mm shelves with a direct connection to the mains voltage 50 lm / w and up to 70% energy savings OSLON LED for maximum light output Replacement of 20W halogen applications Applications Shelves Kitchen Furniture Technical product description Diameter: 88mm, drill hole 68mm Installation depth: 13mm for integration in furniture / shelves with 16mm and 8mm cable duct Two possible cable positions -> can be used in different applications (side / back) Luminous efficiency: 325lm Luminous intensity: 214 cd Consumption: 6.5 watts efficiency : 50 lm / w Integrated electronic ballast, direct connection to V h L70 beam angle K and 4000 K ring Color: white and anodized aluminum Future variant Surface mounting version

68 LEDVANCE Downlight M Product advantages First real replacement for the MR16 low-voltage halogen downlight 50 lm / w and up to 70% energy savings and OSLON LED to ensure the highest light output 40 adjustable Suitable for bathrooms: IP44 applications General lighting, lobbies, corridors, shops, bathrooms. Accent lighting Technical product description Diameter: 85mm, drill hole 68mm Installation depth: less than 100 mm Luminous intensity: 1636 cd (36 beam angles) 7408 cd (12 beam angles) Consumption: 13.5 watts Efficiency: 50 lm / w (luminous efficiency: 700 lm) 40 adjustable Incl. External energy supply precabled on secondary side (HTM housing) h LK and 4000 K ring Color: white and anodized aluminum Dimmable CRI> 92 Future variant

69 LEDVANCE Downlight L Product advantages Compact replacement for 1x26W CFL downlight and 75W halogen lamps Direct mains power connection 55 lm / w and up to 70% energy savings Opal diffuser and discreet ring design for contemporary ceiling installation Applications General lighting bathrooms, toilets Technical product description Diameter: 135 mm diameter, hole 120 mm Installation depth: 93 mm Luminous intensity: 930 cd (60 beam angles) Luminous efficiency: 1000 lm Consumption: 18 watts Efficiency: 55 lm / w Integrated electronic ballast, direct connection to V h L70 beam angle 60 and K and 4000 K ring Color: White and anodized aluminum Dimmable CRI> 92 Future variant

70 LEDVANCE Downlight XL Product advantages Efficient replacement for 2x26 W CFL Downlight Direct mains power connection 50 lm / w and up to 70% energy savings Movable design with OSLON LED brand identity to ensure the highest light output Applications General lighting Lobbies, corridors, shops, offices, hotel rooms Technical product description Diameter: 190 mm, drill hole 170 mm Installation depth: 145 mm Luminous intensity: 1488 cd (60 beam angle) Luminous efficiency: 1600 lm Consumption: 32 watt Efficiency: 50 lm / w Integrated electronic ballast, direct connection with V h L70 beam angle 60 and K and 4000 K ring color : White and anodized aluminum Accessories: 2 beautifying rings Dimmable CRI> 92 Future variant

71 LEDVANCE POWERSPOT Areas of application LEDVANCE Powerspot draws the customer's attention to the product and focuses on it. Areas of application: Shop windows, sales areas, displays, shelves, walls, jewelry, museums, architectural lighting, showroom lighting

72 LEDVANCE POWERSPOT Technical specifications The right luminous flux for every application. Technical specifications Product illustrations Nominal power = 11/28/43 W Dimensions: See TDS tilt angle = ± 90, rotation angle = 350 Luminaire efficiency: 60 lm / w Input voltage: VAC Osram OPTOTRONIC OTp integrated CCTs: 3000K, 4000K Housing color: white, gray Beam angle: 24 / 40 Lifespan: ENEC Powerspot XL (gray) Powerspot XL / XXL (white)

73 LEDVANCE SPOTLIGHT XXL Technical specifications A modern design represents the latest LED technology. Technical specifications Product illustrations Nominal power = 43.0 W Outer diameter = mm Ceiling cutout = mm Tilt angle = 60, rotation angle = 350 Luminaire efficiency: 60lm / W Input voltage: VAC Osram OPTOTRONIC OTp Control gear CCT: 3000K, 4000K Housing color: white or gray Beam angle: 24/40 Control: ON / OFF lifespan: ENEC

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