Shyness can be a weakness

Application question: What are your weaknesses?

The question “What are your weaknesses?” Usually follows the question about your strengths.

The HR manager is particularly interested in how you can deal with the question of whether you are honest and how you see yourself.

The first step is to prepare a short list of your weaknesses. You will then find specific examples that show the HR manager that you have dealt with your weaknesses and how you have mastered them in your professional life so far. Incredible, made-up, or meaningless weaknesses should be avoided.

What should you consider when choosing your weaknesses?

  • Choose weaknesses that are not directly related to the job requirement.

  • Name obvious or harmless weaknesses.

  • Describe weaknesses that you can overcome or from which you have learned.

  • How can you answer cleverly? Weaken your statements by using phrases like "sometimes", "now and then" and "... is not always one of my strengths".

  • Give specific examples of your weaknesses.

  • Leave out other people's opinions, it's about your self-reflection, not your friends' opinions, after all.

  • Show that you are working on your weaknesses
This is how you could answer:
  • "I am not very spontaneous. That's why I prefer to plan everything carefully and think before I do anything. "

  • "I amsometimes over-punctual and doesn't like it when friends are late at a meeting or even cancel at short notice. "

  • "In the beginning I am quite shy and have a calm character, but after a while I find my way around quickly. I just have to thaw out a bit. "

  • "Sometimes I can do my own performance difficult to assess, I need honest feedback every now and then. "
Tip: Don't be afraid to confidently name your weaknesses. There are no people without weaknesses.

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Author: Janina Kotzam

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