How can I learn PHP easily

Learning PHP made easy

PHP is the most widely used programming language for developing dynamic web applications. Many popular websites, including Facebook and Wikipedia, use PHP. You can get one on our site Step-by-step introduction in PHP and the MySQL database system.

We want to make your entry into the world of dynamic websites as easy as possible. In contrast to other tutorials, ours are aimed explicitly at programming beginners. Previous programming knowledge is not required and all concepts are explained step by step. If you are brand new to the world of web development, start with our PHP tutorial.

PHP tutorial

Our tutorials start with an introduction to PHP. In our PHP tutorial you will learn the most important basics for creating dynamic websites, for example working with variables, with if statements, with loops or with files.

MySQL tutorial

Dynamic websites are mostly based on databases, for example a guest book or a shop system. In our MySQL tutorial you will learn the most important basics of the MySQL database system and how you can conveniently save, edit and output data using PHP and MySQL.

For advanced

In our advanced section you will find all kinds of tutorials for typical tasks, for example programming a login area, a guest book. We have also prepared further topics for you to understand.

Web hosting

In our category on the subject of web hosting you will find a constantly updated comparison of different web hosting providers. You will also learn more about the criteria you should pay attention to when choosing and how you can find good offers.


Do you need help or have a question about PHP or MySQL? Our forum will help you quickly and competently. You can also browse the forum for interesting topics related to web development.

Job market

In our job market you will find current job offers from all over Germany in the field of PHP and web development.

Author: Nils Reimers