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We mothers from Kollwitzplatz (II) : You are rich, ambitious, selfish. Their greatest insolence: They are women

I have lived on Kollwitzplatz since 1999 and have spent about as many hours here with three children in the most famous playground in Europe. Still, I would never call myself a “mother from Kollwitzplatz”. I laugh at them. Because the mothers from Kollwitzplatz are always the others. I guess that's what makes me one of them.

Many women want to become one. Pay perversely high rental prices to get hold of an apartment here. Too many. Which is why it has become more and more tight and expensive. But then no one really wants to be one of these typical “mothers from Kollwitzplatz”.

When exactly did the “mother from Kollwitzplatz” become an international figure of hatred? She even made it into the "New York Times". You should like that actually. Because a career makes them just as eager as the lunch boxes for their offspring. To whom she gives first names as if they were the monarchs of the future: Karl, Friedrich, Karl-Friedrich or Sophie-Charlotte. Our children with the sonorous names are tyrants already in daycare.

Because everything is actually much worse in Prenzlauer Berg than you think in Spandau: Not only are they chauffeured to daycare in the often described off-road vehicle, but they are also carried up the stairs to the first floor, even though their shoes cost so much like the monthly salary of the kindergarten teacher.

But regardless of whether it is being worn or what it is wearing: children are annoying everywhere. In Prenzlauer Berg, however, the mothers in particular are annoying.

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But why do we love the “Italian mom” from the cinema or the working mom from the series, while the mother from Kollwitzplatz makes us even more insane than our own?

For example: Anette - the business mother. Sometime between my two and three children, this kind of “mother from Kollwitzplatz” was born. An exhausting mix of Angelina Jolie and mother Beimer. Professionally happy and happy at the same time. The women here are of course aware of their bad reputation. They can take it. But their shame is great. Your wealth visible.

“Heinrich, hurry up I'll have a phone call! "

Here you can hear wonderful sentences like nowhere else in the world. For example: “Heinrich, hurry up I'll have a TelKo! ”The mother who says that next to me in the group room has the cell phone tucked under her chin while she ties her son's hand-sewn shoes. Heinrich, of course, continues to dawdle, because Heinrich is four years old.

The quote makes it to the tweet of the day in the Tagesspiegel Checkpoint the next morning. Because of course I hacked the crazy sentence into my cell phone while I was carrying my daughter down the stairs. It was an exhausting day for the little one.

Why don't we feel sorry for a stressed mother when she names her son after a murderous despot and is afraid of missing a conference call? But only if she had called him Stefan and had to go to the late shift?

Perhaps also because the abbreviation for telephone conference sounded boastfully like a large law firm for a long time, before a few years later even little Hannah in Marzahn had to open her laptop stressed out to create her switches for homeschooling.

It is the turmoil that makes us vulnerable

And for money. And who feels sorry for someone who is rich? Because being rich is considered indecent in the former artists' quarter. You can be rich in the Westend, but please not here. So it is constantly put into perspective: "The apartment was totally cheap back then!", "We did not get anything from the parents."

It is this conflict that makes us so vulnerable and vulnerable. Believing that you didn't deserve something, but still don't want to give it up.

The stupid spelled biscuits don't provoke Anette. These mothers from Kollwitzplatz like Anette are rich, ambitious, selfish and thus the exact opposite of maternal.

Their greatest insolence is that they are women. A man who is busy talking on his cell phone while pushing the boogaboo in front of him is a dedicated father who, despite his business, still takes time for the kids.

It sucks that nobody laughs at the "fathers from Kollwitzplatz".

Aline von Drateln lives on Kollwitzplatz in Berlin. Every 14 days she checks what cannot be right about women in Prenzlauer Berg in the public image. Read here episode I: Left alone - if not by the child father, then by politics

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