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Time for a vacation flirt - because summer time is travel time. One of the most popular travel destinations for Germans has always been Italy. And not without reason: Who doesn't love Italian food, the mostly sunny, pleasant weather and the many cultural highlights?

The Mediterranean and relaxed flair is just made for singles who are looking for an exciting holiday flirt. After all, Italians have a reputation for being particularly passionate and spirited, but they are also not averse to romance. If you are in love with a fiery Italian, you will find essential tips here.

Flirt and fall in love: Amore mia in Italia

Where can you find a flirt partner?

The holiday regions are teeming with flirtatious Italians. Classic like that Beach or the chic bar in the evening are timeless and are always there when you want to get to know a new partner. But culture lovers can also get their money's worth on the sightseeing tour. The following applies here: Just keep your eyes open and interpret typical signals. Because the most important are the same worldwide: Eye contact and smile. In places where there are many tourists, locals are usually particularly open to the world.

Where on the date

The confident Italians usually have no inhibitions Approaching strangers, which makes things a lot easier for shy singles. If you finally got to know each other successfully and there is another date, a classic Italian restaurant is a wonderful location. Maybe there is even an insider tip from the local counterpart? A delicious Mediterranean meal and good wine form the perfect basis for conversation and also the opportunity to learn to understand each other better.

Why not have a city tour on your date?

This is how you flirt in Italy

  1. Italian charm. Italians are extremely charming and quickly ensnare women with compliments. Do not be surprised if you walk through Italy as a woman and Compliments get called. Even in direct conversation, you will quickly notice that Italians are real flatterers. Enjoy the compliment and don't think about how many women have heard these words before you.
  2. Body contact. Italians also like to flirt with the body. A hug, a kiss on the cheek, stroking through the hair and a hand on the shoulder or even the leg is completely normal for Italians Body contact is part of flirting. Take it easy and take your chance - because everyone has equal rights!
  3. Playful flirting. Italians are not only cheerful, playful and real charmer, they love that too playful To flirt. As a woman you are of course allowed to send flirting signals, but don't make it too easy for the Italians. Light and playful rejections irritate the Italian man and arouse the hunting instinct.
  4. No interest? If you are not interested, you must tell an Italian man clearly. Because of the playful teasing of flirting, a "no" does not mean "no" for an Italian. Italian women refuse advances - but this is part of the flirtation. If you absolutely no interest you should make this unmistakably clear and not send any flirtation signals.
  5. Italian peculiarities. Call it cliché or idiosyncrasies - it still belongs to the Italian charmWhen the cars drive back and forth through the streets far too fast and honking their horns, when people fight their way to the front at bars and order loudly and pasta is served at least once a day. So don't think your flirt partner is rude - it's just typically Italian!
  6. Italian women love beer. Here is a tip for all German men. Beer is also becoming increasingly popular with Italian women. Invite an Italian woman for a beer - and tell them about the many great and different types of German beer - but also honor Italian wines.
  7. The little black instead of the sexy red. When choosing a color, you should always keep in mind that red is traditionally the color of mourning in Italy. So if you wear a red outfit it can happen to you less addressed become. Nobody wants to flirt on a grieving widow. Better to wear the little black dress when you go out in the evening. In the midday sun, it is better to use light colors and light fabrics. Classic white linen trousers and a simple pastel-colored blouse or a sand-colored dress always dress you perfectly and are just right in the high summer temperatures.
In Italy, too, women cut a fine figure in black dresses.

Small flirt dictionary German - Italian

If you don't speak perfect Italian, you can still flirt. It's easy to get into conversation with pretty Italians over a latte. If there is a lack of Italian vocabulary, you can communicate these flirting phrases or in English as well as with your hands and feet. This often gives the first conversation a funny touch and instantly loosens up the atmosphere. Give it a try and say these flirtatious sentences out loud in Italian, memorize them well and use them for a flirt at the next acquaintance.


Do you want something to drink?

Vorresti qualcosa de bere?

Do you have a boyfriend?

Hai già un ragazzo / une ragazza?

Can you give me your phone number?

Mi dai il tuo numero telefonico?

Your eyes are very beautiful.

I tuoi tatting sono bellissimi.

Are you already doing something tonight?

Hai già un impegno per stasera?

To me or to you?A casa mia o a casa tua?
You are a good dancer.Be un bravo ballerino / una brava ballerina!
I've been thinking of you all day.Ti ho pensato tutto il giorno!
Do not touch me.Non toccarmi !!

Holiday flirt or great love?

The following applies to both sexes: A flirt far away from home naturally always carries the risk that nothing will emerge from it that is permanent. Many people who want to flirt are aware of this right from the start and do not mind it. With the drive in the Fiat to the airport you finish with the holiday flirt and keep it as a nice memory like the rest of the holiday. Others, however, despair of their journey home and collapse deep hole of longing after the new acquaintance. Time will tell whether love actually has a future. Fortunately, there are enough real-time communication opportunities these days that make waiting for each other a little easier. So if both flirt partners are willing to give love a chance, the long distance can also be overcome.

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