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In China, pancakes are served as a side dish. They are filled with meat, beans, sprouts and other vegetables.
Dunkin Donuts sells about 112,500 donuts a day.
In Lehigh, Nebraska, it is against the law to try and sell donut holes.
Canada has more donut shops per capita than any other country.
69 percent eat cake when it is still warm.
It takes 10 pounds of milk to make a pound of milk cake.
The longest cake ever was 12.2 by 7 meters.
Pancakes anytime of the day
Pancakes are served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Australia.
The American mint once considered producing donut-shaped coins.
The Dunkin ’Donut stores in the Middle East sell donuts with a fig filling.
Birthday cake in Russia
In Russia, many children get a birthday cake instead of a birthday cake.
A packet of frozen cakes reads: "Warning: the cake could be hot after it has been heated up."
Dunkin 'donuts and coffee
Dunkin 'Donuts sells an estimated 650 million cups of coffee annually.
Bretzel has been around for over 1300 years. It was once invented by a European monk. He formed pretzels from the leftover bread dough.
Every year all hostess bakeries together bake 500 million Twinkies. A twinkie is a sponge cake with a cream filling.
All the Krispy Kreme donut shops together could erect a donut pillar as tall as the Empire State Building in 2 minutes

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