How can I become a chiropractor

Chiropractic Berlin: Training at a high level

Chiropractic Berlin: First-class training

Most people can imagine something under the term chiropractic. But did you know that there is a major difference between chiropractors, chirotherapists and chiropractors? The key to chiropractic in Berlin lies in training. Chiropractors are alternative practitioners who have completed further training to become a chiropractor in comparatively few hours. Their training is poorly founded as they have not been adequately taught basic skills.

Different degrees, one name: chiropractor

Chiropractors, on the other hand, have completed a medical degree that lasts between four and six years. The difference between chiropractors and doctors is that they are not allowed to prescribe medication or perform surgical interventions. The successfully completed degree as a chiropractor is indicated either with a DC - Doctor of Chiropractic, a Master of Science (Chiropractic) or a Bachelor of Science (Chiropractic), whereby the Master's degree can be classified above the Bachelor's degree. During the training, a chiropractor learns how nerve disorders can be diagnosed and corrected in a targeted manner. A so-called adjustment is carried out with fine hand movements. Laura Groom is one of only around 60 chiropractors who are licensed in Germany. She has been running her chiropractic practice in Berlin since 2015. She completed her training in her native Australia, where she completed her Master of Science (Chiropractic). In addition, she passed the alternative practitioner examination in Germany, as this is the prerequisite for working as a chiropractor in this country.

Chiropractic Berlin: Training only possible abroad

The profession of chiropractor is very diverse, with a holistic approach in the foreground. Eliminating pain and releasing blockages are the primary goals of chiropractic. Training as a chiropractor in Berlin is currently not possible. Those interested in working as a chiropractor in this country must first complete the necessary degree at a university abroad. There are opportunities for this in Great Britain, the USA, Canada or Australia, for example.

Research into causes instead of treating symptoms - chiropractors make the difference

Chirotherapists also studied. Often it is orthopedic surgeons who undergo further training to become chiropractors and they too do chiropractic care. However, they focus on mobilization. Blockages are to be released and thus pain relieved. These methods also have little in common with chiropractic, which is practiced by chiropractors. While chiropractors only treat symptoms, chiropractors focus on eliminating the causes. The spine and the nerve tracts of the central nervous system that run through it play the central role.