What is Microsoft OneNote good for?

What is OneNote?

Hard to believe: OneNote is a software that millions of people around the world have on their computer to have. But very few people know that. Microsoft OneNote slumbers on your PC, tablet or Smartphone. Little do they know that the program could change their entire life.

You too can from OneNote benefit in everyday life and at work. That's why I want to provide you with answers in this blog for beginners: What is OneNote? What can OneNote? And how it works OneNote?

Has been since 2003 OneNote an integral part of Microsoft Office. The well-known software package includes programs such as Word for word processing, Excel for spreadsheet, PowerPoint for presentations or Outlook for emails, contacts and calendars. Also OneNote will with Microsoft Office Installed. Even so, most computers lie dormant like an undiscovered software treasure. This is certainly also to blame Microsoft self: OneNote has hardly been advertised in recent years and has been neglected.

OneNote is becoming better known and more popular

Meanwhile stands OneNote but even available as a free download - even without the rest Office-Package. There is also one OneNoteApp that is in Windows 10 is already preinstalled and offers all the important functions. For iPhone, iPad and Android-Devices are there OneNote-App also free in the respective Store. OneNote also benefits from the triumphant advance of Tablet PCs with pen control as well as the ability to use digital notebooks in the Cloud to be saved and used online in the internet browser.

With OneNote so you can create digital notebooks. OneNote replaces bound calendars, notebooks and any form of paper mess. You save a lot of paper in the long run: Sketches and handwritten notes are no problem with the program. Unlike a β€œreal” booklet, a digital notebook can, thanks Cloud not easily lost either.

In principle, not only simple texts, but also graphics, images, lists and documents can be conveniently managed. Better still: In OneNote you can insert numerous multimedia content such as e-mails, websites, videos and much more. You can also scan in real letters or insert photographed blackboard pictures, as well as maps and other screen clippings. When you scan a book page or a magazine article, it recognizes OneNote even the text in the picture so that you can search for it.

The possibilities for collaboration are also ingenious: You can share all the content in your digital notebook with friends, relatives and acquaintances via the Internet with just a few clicks. If you want, you can work with them on notes and keep everyone involved on the same page. And: At the end of the day you can of course print out all of the content on paper or save it specifically in other formats, for example as PDF- or Word-File. It couldn't be more flexible!

Not afraid of OneNote!

Microsoft OneNote comes very close to the so-called "egg-laying woolly milk sow". You will be amazed how the software can intuitively support you with many tasks in everyday life.

If you feel taken by surprise by the many functions, then please do not worry now: how all of this OneNote works very simply, I'll explain step by step in this blog. You will see how easily and quickly you can get a grip on the many possibilities.

In the next article I will first explain the basic order and logic in OneNote. For a comprehensive introduction I would also like to give you mine Practical manual "OneNote for beginners" recommend.

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