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Translation of "du canceled" in English

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In the hospital said you canceled.
T> I heard you were invited to play a gig with Finntroll for yesterday, but you canceledto play here today.
T> I heared you were invited to play a gig with Finntroll yesterday, but you had to cancel to be able to play here today.
You canceled and does the shooting leave us youngsters?
Now, you canceled, and Victor was in such a hurry because he thinks it doesn't look good when the mayor lives with me-
Well, you canceled, and Victor was kind of in a rush because he didn't think it'd look good for the mayor to be shacking up.

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I guess, you have the candidate canceled.
You have give up, canceled, ran away.
You have in the last minute canceled.
You have all classes today canceled.
I heard, you have the McKinley expedition canceled.
You have our favorite tradition simply canceled.
Thanks for you Adam canceledto keep celebrating.
Thanks for canceling on Adam to kick on.
She's really sad that you your meeting canceled.
Therefore did you the wedding canceled.
You have but always canceledto ... where to go?
You have Jenny's party canceledbecause everyone is going to Penelope?
I know, you have me though canceled, but ... I know something about you, Norma Bates.
I know you said you couldn't come earlier, but I know something about you, Norma Bates.
OK. I was disappointed in that you our weekend canceled.
Ready to bring that impulse drive on line? B'Elanna...
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